Using Mole ​ Bait To Get Rid Of That Pesky Mole

Mole bait can be used in a couple of ways to free your yard of that critter who is marking his trail by killing your grass. Moles are harmless animals; however, they can make a mess of your yard when they burrow shallow tunnels seeking food. Moles can eat up to 100% of their body weight in one day, so they are continuously looking for something to cure their food cravings. Setting up traps filled with mole bait in the shallow tunnels will allow you to trap the mole in a humane manner and release it back into the woods, far away from your property. Or you can call a mole control expert to use the mole bait for you.

What kind of mole bait?

Contrary to what many people believe, Moles do not eat vegetation. They enjoy feasting on earthworms, beetles and grubs, which benefits your vegetation. The moles eat the bugs that cause harm to your grass and gardens. The inconvenience of having moles plow tunnels inches from the surface of your yard and dehydrate and kill your grass does create an unpleasant visual appeal to your yard. Setting a harpoon mole trap near food used as mole bait is one humane way to rid your yard of moles. Contact your local pest control service for advise or help catching the mole violating your yard.

Moles may not be harmful to you directly; however they do add liability to your home owners insurance. As the moles make their shallow tunnels through your yard they create instability in the foundation of your yard. Especially when the yard is dry, if stepped on the tunnels can collapse easily and cause someone to fall and possibly injure themselves. Anyone who walks through your yard is vulnerable to a fall or accident, thus leaving you open to a potential insurance claim. Using humane mole traps and mole bait can eliminate your mole problem and reduce your liability risk.

Baiting mole traps

There are many different types of mole traps available that can be used to catch moles in a humane fashion, so you can catch and release them without killing them. It does help to place some type of food the mole will eat next to the trap; since the mole has such a large appetite using food as mole bait is a great idea. A scissor mole trap is another example of a humane mole trap that can be used in conjunction with mole bait to capture the pesky mole creating the tunnels you fall in when walking in your yard.

There are many types of commercial mole bait available. Most commercial mole bait causes death to the mole within 24 hours. There are a couple issues associated with using mole bait that kills. First it is inhumane to kill the harmless animal. Second when you start smelling the animal that has died in the miles of tunnels below you yard what do you do? Resolving your mole problem the humane way is the best approach to mole control.

Remember you don’t have to take on the mole yourself. Using mole traps and mole bait to capture moles is best left to the professionals, so contact your local pest control service for help.