Voles in the Garden

Voles are voracious little rodents, who constantly eat throughout the year. Measuring about four to eight inches long, voles are sometimes mistaken for moles since they often travel through burrows initially dug up by moles.

Voles are difficult to eradicate since they bear a new litter several times a year. Vole control professionals are critical to stemming an infestation.

Why do voles get into a garden?

Your bright green lawn is very inviting to voles.  Grass blades, plus their roots and seeds, are a favorite meal for voles, but will they also eat bark, leaves, and insects.

If a plant in your yard topples over when touched, it means it has no root system.  This is a sure sign that voles have made themselves at home. They usually travel through a path about two inches wide under the grass, as they devour plant roots and stems, killing them.

In addition to plants and shrubs, flower bulbs and potato plants can also be damaged by voles.

Getting rid of voles in a garden

Attempting to get rid of voles by using mothballs, chewing gum, or other home remedies does not work, and it’s best to call a lawn and pest control professional.

Residents of South New Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area who have a mole or vole problem can rely on Mole Guard to get the job done right. Mole Guard has years of experience in mole and vole removal.

Let one of our lawn and pest experts take a good look at your lawn, so they can prepare a plan to get rid of moles and voles. Please leave your information on the Mole Guard website, and we will set up an appointment at your convenience.