When is the Best Time to Do Mosquito Control?

As humans, we are no strangers to mosquitos. Their bites make us dread going outside and itch us for days. These pests can even carry diseases, such as Zika or the West Nile Virus. Mosquito control is the answer to this hassle. Since local governments have started reducing mosquito treatment programs, it is now up to you to make sure mosquitoes do not ruin your family barbecue or your child’s outdoor birthday party. We want to make sure you know enough about these pests in order to rid yourselves of them for good.

What do you need to know about mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes breed in water. This is an imperative fact as it can help you stop breeding before it even happens. Any water from drains, birdbaths, puddles, gutters, and much more can be breeding ground for these pests. To avoid this, dump all standing water and avoid having any containers outside. Empty those backyard items, such as buckets and tires, and put them in your garage or under a roof to avoid water collecting in them. Without the ability to breed, the number of mosquitoes will not continue to grow.

You must also know where to find the mosquitoes. Properties that have gardens, fields, low trees, tall grass, and large bushes will probably need extra mosquito control. These are all places that mosquitoes like to hide in. They usually do not travel farther than 1.2 miles away from their breeding site. Pay attention to the areas to find them the most. That is where you can search for standing water.

What can TermiGuard do?

Here at TermiGuard, we are experts in pest control, including mosquitoes. We know that effective reduction requires a strategy that is proven to work. Once you contact us, we will begin with an initial consultation. Then, we will build a plan with you. We have various plans for pest control, but we guarantee we do much more than use a spray can. There are multiple plan options. All of them have unlimited call-backs and year-round pest protection. After you pick from the three plans, we will then execute the plan with professionalism and follow-up with you to see if our mosquito control is working for you. We will inspect the progress of the mosquito control and help you prevent it from recurring. 

Mosquito Control Factors to consider

Nonetheless, if you want to try figuring it out on your own, continue to reading to learn about the many factors to consider when trying to understand the best time for mosquito control.

1. Male vs. Female

According to biology, female mosquitoes can be the most dangerous. Female mosquitoes can live anywhere from 3 weeks to 5 months. Male mosquitoes only live for about 6 to 7 days. Unlike male mosquitoes, they are the ones who bite us to feed on our blood. However, they do not even derive sustenance from our blood. Similar to the male mosquitoes, they feed on flower nectar or fruit. The reason females need blood is in order to reproduce. It helps them make their eggs.

A mosquito reproducing can present an even bigger problem. Their eggs develop differently depending on the temperature; it can take anywhere between 2 days to a few months. Most importantly, they must lay their eggs in standing water! They must be submerged before they hatch. Within 4 to 14 days, those mosquitoes are fully developed into adulthood. This lifecycle is imperative to know when trying to implement mosquito control.

2. Frequency

Once you have figured out your method, you should decide how often you want to execute it. If doing it on your own, you will want to disrupt the breeding cycle for the first week by executing your method every day or every other day. This is the best way to do away with the adults and their eggs. Once you do that, you can adjust your method once a week.

3. Time of Day

When during the day is also tough to figure out. It is known that mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk to look for food. This is the best time to use mosquito killing devices because it will be much easier to target them. In addition, no heat from the sun will be there to evaporate your chemicals during those times. 

If you choose us to take care of your mosquitoes, we will make sure to be consistent with our schedule. 

4. Region and Temperatures

Where you live also affects when you need to implement mosquito control because it varies by region. Usually, the lowest and warmest regions begin being infested with mosquitos first. The reason they start at different times is because of average temperatures. Years with warmer temperatures can see an earlier mosquito season. Colder years will see mosquito season be delayed.

During rainy days or windy days, there is no need to implement your tool to kill the mosquitoes, or else you have to continue doing so repeatedly. This is because the rain and wind will dissipate whatever chemical or method you are using. It will not even get the opportunity to settle on surfaces or on the ground. It will just be a waste of your time. If you already applied it before the rain or wind, reapply it once they are gone. The treatment needs a chance to dry in the area.

What can you do to fix the problem on your own?

There are countless solutions you can implement to rid yourself of the annoying mosquitoes. However, not all options are as effective as long-term solutions. Some of the best solutions are mosquito traps, mosquito nets, mosquito larval control, air curtains, misting systems, and integrated pest management.

Hopefully, you can now understand why you must take action when it comes to mosquito control. They can be dangerous and difficult to get rid of. Using the tools we provided, you can try to manage them yourself or save yourself the hassle and give us a call!