Why is There Water in my Basement?

Water in a basement

Are you experiencing unwanted water on the floor of your basement or trickling out of the walls? Maybe you have noticed the air is more damp and humid than usual or there is mysterious mold growing on the ceiling. Is your carpet deteriorating, or are pieces of wood beginning to rot and decay? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then you may need to consult with a basement waterproofing expert.

If there is water or other moisture in your basement, then it is important that you get it back to the dry, clean space it used to be before this water has a lasting impact on the structure of your home or the health of you and your family members. The longer you wait, the worse the damage is likely to be, so you want to get the situation handled as soon as possible. But do not panic, because whether your basement has transformed itself into an unwanted swimming pool or there is mold growing on its walls, Fenwick’s team members are experts at analyzing your unique situation and getting to the solution quickly and efficiently.

The first step of getting rid of the unwanted water in your basement before it causes more damage and preventing this from happening again is to identify the root cause of this water or moisture. Once this is figured out, Fenwick will be here to help you employ various methods of waterproofing your basement and ensure that the water and moisture are unable to sneak back in in the future.

Common Causes of Water in a Basement

So, if you are trying to figure out the cause of the water in your basement in order to correct the problem, the first step is to look at the possible sources. There are three main ways water or moisture can infiltrate your basement:

  • Water from rain or groundwater: If your basement is not properly waterproofed, it is possible for rainwater, or just water that has been sitting in the ground, to leak inside the structure of your house. The hydrostatic pressure from the ground builds up outside and pushes water through your basement walls.
  • Humid outside air entering your basement: While we all love to crack open a window or door and let in some fresh air, this may not always be what is best for your home. Letting in humid air increases the amount of moisture and condensation in the space, which can result in unwanted water and other potential damages.
  • Interior moisture sources: If you use a humidifier in your home or do not typically vent the space when you perform activities such as cooking or drying clothes, then this may be the source of the water in your basement. The humidity can condense and create visible water, which in turn can also lead to damage.

Less Common Causes of Water in a Basement

While these are the major sources of water found in basements, there are quite a few more specific causes that you may want to investigate in order to really get to the bottom of the issue you have and how to fix it. This list explains a few of these potential causes that are commonly found as the reasons for unwanted water:

  • Humidity and condensation: As we explained above, whether it is coming from inside or outside your house, humidity and condensation can build up and become more substantial sources of moisture in your basement. We can help you fix this issue by not only recommending changes to your production of humidity within your home but also by adding more air circulation in your basement and preventing humidity from entering through insulating your basement.
  • Issues with gutters and downspouts: Gutters and downspouts are supposed to direct water away from your home, but occasionally, they may be broken or defective and not actually be helping you. This could result in water being pointed in the direction of your home instead, which may increase the likelihood of it leaking inside your basement. You should respond to this issue through adding or fixing the gutters/downspouts so that they properly work, as well as through allowing us to waterproof the space to really make sure that this problem will not continue.
  • Cracks in the walls or foundation: Even if the crack in your wall or the foundation of your home seems small, this can eventually cause some big problems. Water can slowly leak into your home through these cracks, even if everything else is working properly. The cracks may even grow larger over time, which could drastically increase the damage. If you are facing cracks in the walls or foundation that have led to unwanted water, Fenwick is ready to repair them as soon as possible to make sure they do not get worse.
  • Slope or grading problems: Houses are generally built so that the ground around your home directs water away from it, but if the sloping or grading is completed incorrectly, then it may direct water right into your home instead. Once the water builds up against the foundation, it may find its way inside, resulting in unwanted water. We can help your get the grading and sloping around your house back under control so that you won’t have to worry about the potential damage that comes with this problem.
  • Water leaks in your home: While many of the sources of unwanted water tend to come from outside the house, there is always a possibility that something inside your own home is causing the issue. Pipes, toilets, sinks, showers, dishwashers, and other sources of water could be leaking and causing the issue with water in your basement. The water may even be leaking from an upstairs room through the floor and into the basement. If you have determined that this is the cause of your unwanted water, then you should get plumbing work done and repair any issues that the water or general moisture may have caused.

Whatever you use your basement for, whether it be entertaining your children or guests, getting some work done, or storing boxes of your most precious belongings, Fenwick can help you get it back to normal and ready to use again. Step one of the process is figuring out the source and the cause of the water in your basement, and once that piece of the puzzle is completed, we will provide you with the best solution that will not only fix the problem now, but prevent it from happening again in the future. You can trust us to get the job done right, as we have extensive experience in waterproofing and managing issues with moisture. We want to make sure that what we do is what is best for your family and your unique situation.

Do you think you have figured out why you have water in your basement? Or, do you need some help figuring it out? We encourage you to go ahead and give us a call today, and we will be ready to confront your water issues head-on.