Will Cats Eat Ground Moles?

ground mole

If you have considered using cats as a way to get rid of your mole problem, you probably are wondering: Will cats eat ground moles.

Some cats do eat ground moles, and some won’t. Cats are finicky animals, and each has its own personality, which is one reason why you don’t know if cats will eat ground moles. Ultimately, mole control is best left up to the experts.

What Cats Eat Ground Moles?

Cats that are not domesticated generally will eat what they kill, including ground moles, as a means of survival. Domesticated cats will enjoy the game of hide and go seek, but when they catch the ground mole, they may just play with the ground mole and not eat it.

Moles cause a great deal of damage and instability to your yard, because of the tunnels they create. The tunnels are used for the mole to find food and live in. They create two levels of tunnels in your yard. The first level of tunnels is about 6 inches below ground level, which creates damages your yard. The second level is much deeper and used when it is cold or when it rains.

Moles do not actually kill the grass as they tunnel through your yard looking for food and shelter; it is the oils from their fur and the fact that they loosen the roots of the grass. The moles eat grubs, worms, and other non-vertebra insects.

Does Relying on a Cat to Eat Ground Moles Work?

Relying on your cat to eat ground moles is not a guaranteed method if you want to rid your yard of the pesky mammals that are tunneling through your yard at up to 100 feet a day.

There is no guarantee that the cat you bring to your home for pest control will be interested in chasing the ground mole. Also, moles do not come up from the ground often, so there is not much opportunity to for the cat to catch the mole.

If your cat will eat ground moles, their ability to regurgitate allows protects themselves from any poison the mole may contain.

You must remove anything the cat doesn’t eat from your property for health reasons. If the cat will not eat ground moles and just likes to catch and kill them, then it is vital to remove the dead animal from your yard.

Regardless if a cat will eat ground moles, it is best to seek professional elimination services when attempting to get rid of your ground mole problem. Contact a local expert like TermiGuard Pest Control Services rather than depending on your cat to eat away your ground mole problems.