Mole Yard Damage Is Expensive And Time-Consuming

Is your yard damage caused by moles? It isn’t always easy to tell.  There are many pests that can damage the dirt, grass, and plants in your yard.  Often the mole is the scapegoat for other pests such as mice or voles. Moles can be destructive, however, and the yard damage caused by moles is expensive and time-consuming to repair. You need mole control pronto.

What is Mole Yard Damage?

Yard damage caused by moles​ includes mounds, furrows, bald spots, dead plants, and clogged sprinkler systems.  If you see mounds of dirt scattered across your lawn about 6-8 inches in diameter this is a good indicator of moles instead of gophers or snakes.  Furrows, dirt pushed up from below, is a good indicator moles have been tunneling close to the surface.

While moles eat earthworms and grubs, not plants, they can cause damage to root systems as well as spread diseases among your plants and grasses.  They can also inadvertently clog water sprinkler valves with displaced dirt as they move about.  These types of damage are expensive to repair and time-consuming as it happens continuously as they move from tunnel to tunnel.

Filling in holes, using a lawn roller to smooth out furrows and reseeding bare spots is a dreadful way to spend your weekends after a long work week.  It also prevents you from completing other projects, and makes your yard look ragged when you put some much time and energy in making it beautiful.  Taking care of your plants when they have a disease spread by moles can be very expensive, as well as having to replace large sections of your yard because of damage root systems.  You can’t enjoy your yard or your family, when you are constantly doing maintenance.

Mole Yard Damage Leads to More Damage

Yard damage caused by moles is not the only issue when these little critters take interest in your property.  As these creatures busily tunnel under your yard they often abandon one set of tunnels for another.  These empty tunnels don’t stay vacant for long.  Other pests, such as voles and mice, use these tunnels to create more damage.  Mice will use them to find a way into your home. And voles will dine on your bulbs and plants, making maintenance costs soar.

Getting read of moles can be difficult.  Flooding tunnels or putting mothballs in the tunnels is usually ineffective.  It takes an expert to determine whether or not a tunnel in being used.  Traps can often be ineffective because if the tunnel is abandoned they will remain empty while the vermin cause destruction somewhere else.

Yard damage caused by moles will continue until you find a way to drive them out and keep them from coming back.  You need to hire an expert to evaluate your yard and determine exactly what type of pest you are dealing with.  They will know which tunnels are active and the best was to capture the beasts.  Then you can barbecue with the assurance that your yard is yours again.