Building & Renovations

Foundation Repairs

Foundation repairs are some of the most critical jobs a home services company can undertake, and we take these jobs seriously. Our trained and experienced experts work with engineered designs to make sure your building rests on a solid foundation. We give a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Crawl Spaces

Did you know that 50% of your home’s first-floor air circulates through your crawl space? It’s a part of the house most homeowners don’t think about: out of sight and out of mind. But the crawl space can harbor nasty surprises. We protect your property by repairing damaged crawl spaces and encapsulating them to protect from damage.

Structural Repairs & Renovations

Whether a home has received a bad inspection report, an occupant has noticed serious symptoms of structural problems or you just want to remodel and open the home up, a call to TermiGuard is the first step.