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Foundation repair is a critical job that requires experience and expertise. You want to go with a company like TG Fenwick Building & Renovation. 

Maybe you have called shady contractors in the past who have done a poor job or who have left a job incomplete. We can assure that the TG Fenwick Building & Renovation team is reliable, professional, and knowledgeable. Our reputation speaks for itself and we stand by our decades of experience and great customer service. We always put customers first, passing on extensive knowledge to our clients so they understand the process and how to make the right decisions. Because we’ve seen it way to many times, we don’t want you to have to redo a shoddy job that a less-experienced contractor has done. We want you to be able to enjoy your home for years to come, and or sell it without fear that your foundation is unstable or could collapse.

Foundation repair must be done carefully, as it involves working with complicated engineering plans. If repaired incorrectly, you could run into structural issues later on, and you may have to redo the work all over again if you decide to sell the house, which could cost a lot more. Foundation repair is serious money for a serious part of your home, and we always treat it as such. You will also need the right design and permits for foundation repairs, so it is vital that you trust the right professionals who can ensure that all aspects of the job are complete, with the right insurance and licenses. Furthermore, if you get shoddy repairs done, and you decide to finish your basement later on, you may need to redo the work.
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There are a variety of foundation repair jobs that TG Fenwick Building & Renovation can do for you. We do wall reinforcement, footing installs and underpinning, foundation wall replacement, and crack injections.
Kellie Strain
Great to work with…handled everything professionally, on time, and as explained. Both email communication and the onsite employees doing the work to our house were friendly, prompt, and easy to work with. Would absolutely recommend TermiGuard and if the need arises, we would use them again! Thank you so much for making the process pain-free!
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Why Foundation Repair?

The foundation is, arguably, the most important aspect of your entire house. The foundation provides support for your load-bearing walls and flooring, allowing your house to remain standing and for you to live comfortably in your house. Now, imagine not having footings under your foundation – your house could possibly sink into the ground or slowly settle causing cosmetic repairs over and over. The imagery isn’t great, and we would never want that to happen to you, which is why we provide quality foundation repair for you and your family at an affordable price.
Because the foundation is such a structurally important aspect of your home, it is important that you recognize the signs of when you will need foundation repairs. The first, and most obvious, sign is there are cracks in the outside of the foundation around your house. You can really easy check for cracks by taking a walk around your house and looking for cracks in the foundation. If you see cracks, then your foundation probably needs repairs. When you are walking around the house, also look for cracks in the brick stone siding of your house. Stair step cracking is a typical sign that something may be going on at the exterior walls of your house.

If [warning signs are] addressed early, foundations can be repaired more easily. Walk around the inside and outside of your house every year or so and check for signs of foundation settlement by looking for the signs above.

Another sign is if there are cracks or gaps in your flooring or interior walls. Cracks in your flooring generally mean that the foundation underneath of your house is either settling or possibly sinking, as some parts of the foundation become lower than others. Cracks can also begin appearing in your walls or doors, for the same reasons. The cracks will typically begin as hairline fractures, which will then expand as the foundation continues to weaken. You may also notice windows and doors not closing properly, floors sloping or deflection or sagging in archways.

It is important to keep an eye out for these signs that your foundation is in distress. If addressed early, foundations can be repaired more easily. Walk around the inside and outside of your house every year or so and check for signs of foundation settlement by looking for the signs above.

Buying or Selling Your Home?

If you’re buying or selling your home, you’ll want to know the foundation is sound. TG Fenwick Building &
Renovation is the premier foundation repair company in your real estate market. We have been involved with thousands of repairs and assessment. We work with home inspectors and engineers to come with the right solution whether you are buying or selling.

If you’re selling, you’ll want to make the repairs prior to putting it on the market so it doesn’t become an issue after an offer is made. And if you’re the buyer, you’ll want a professional assessment, design and execution by a reputable contractor so when you go to sell down the road, disclosure is a non-issue, and you’ll ensure you won’t be saddled with an expensive repair. “Peace of mind” is key.

foundation repair agreeement between real estate agent and buyer

The 5-Step TG Fenwick Building &
Renovation Process

Here at TG Fenwick Building & Renovation, we want you to have the smoothest foundation repair project possible, so we have developed a 5-Step Process that outlines exactly what happens in order for you to have structurally sound, good quality foundation.

1. The Initial Consultation

The first step is to call us for your free initial consultation. We’ll talk about the signs that you’ve seen around your home and get a feel for the situation before scheduling a site visit.

2. The Site Visit

The second step is the actual site visit, where we will examine your existing foundation and look for the root of the problem. We never want to simply address the symptoms of the problem, like the cracks in the flooring or walls. We want to make sure that the problem is solved thoroughly, eliminating issues before they crop up later on. Our inspection is a general evaluation of the foundation repairs needed in your home. We always recommend a qualified and experienced structural engineer for the actual design and final assessment. We ensure that the structural engineer is fully licensed to make a full and detailed assessment with full specifications and drawings. That way, if you ever decide to sell your house, you have the necessary documentation ready to go. Additionally, you will need permits for the repair, which these documentations will address. Furthermore, we understand that you will most probably be getting estimates from multiple contractors, so we want you to be able to compare apples to apples, given the common scope of work everyone can estimate from.

3. The Plan

The third step is to discuss what your options are to repair your foundation, ensuring that our recommendations fit your home and your budget. We always offer options, but aim to educate our clients before they make any decisions. Those options come with thorough explanations of the possible outcomes and costs associated with each plan. We want you to make the best decision for you and your family.

4. Execution

The most exciting step is next, where we execute the plan! Using the discussed plan, we implement the changes, always leaving your house neat when we leave. Our workmen are detail-oriented and professional, treating your home as their own. Your project manager will be available throughout the process and your personal customer service rep assigned will coordinate the details of service by keeping you informed. You’ll have an open line of communication and you can ask about anything that’s happening.

5. Follow-up

The last step is the follow-up. We want you to be happy with our work, and we want to make sure our work stands up to the elements. This is the most important part of your home, so it needs to be monitored carefully after repair.
Our 5-Step Process not only aims to make the process easier for you, but it also serves to communicate where we are in the repair process. You are always welcome to ask us questions and express your concerns, should you have any, and we are always more than happy to address them. We want you to feel comfortable with the entire process, especially for something as important as foundation repair or replacement for your house.
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Structural Foundation Reinforcement 2/3
Structural Foundation Reinforcement 3/3

What is Foundation Reinforcement?

Reinforcement is when we install reinforcing rods into the walls of your foundation and fill the rods and holes with solid grout or a specific concrete material. The purpose of reinforcement is to reinforce the existing walls of your foundation. After we install the reinforcing rods, we will always do a thorough inspection to ensure that the foundation will be strong enough to do the job. If needed, we will build back any cosmetic finishes on the walls.

If we use carbon fiber straps instead of reinforcing rods, we will ensure they get tied into the footing, the wall, and the plate at the top of the wall. The major benefit of using carbon fiber straps is that they are significantly less invasive to the existing walls. But it’s not always possible to use the straps as every method has design limitations.

If the walls of the foundation are severely compromised and bowed too much for either of the aforementioned options, we will recommend installing reinforcing steel and tying into the footing, into the bottom, and into the floor-joists at the top of the wall. If this third option is not viable either, we will recommend replacement.

The purpose of reinforcement is to reinforce the existing walls of your foundation.

What is Foundation Replacement?

As you can probably tell from the name, replacement means, well, removing and replacing your foundation walls. To do so, we temporarily support the structure to get it stable and safe. We then excavate the exterior of the foundation, remove the foundation wall or walls in question and dispose of it. At this point, while your structure is being supported by a temporary support. We will reinforce the existing or install a new footing if applicable. New block will be installed on the new or existing footing which we will coat with the necessary water or damp proofing materials. The excavation will be backfilled, the temporary supports will be removed and finally grading and restoration of building materials will occur. As always, we will conduct a series of inspections throughout the entire process to ensure that our quality remains high.

What are Crack Injections?

Crack repair injections are typically needed to either cosmetically repair or structurally repair a cracked wall. When we use crack injections, we inject cracks in the foundation with a 2-part epoxy or polyurethane foam by drilling and installing injection ports.
If the crack in the foundation is structural, we may have to underpin the footing at that area or install epoxy bow ties to lock both sides of the crack together. Often when water penetration occurs at the crack, we will, in addition to injecting and bow ties, we will install a fiber strap down to the top of footing.

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