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    TermiGuard Fenwick Building & Renovation has been at the forefront of South Jersey home structural repairs and renovations for years. Whether a home has received a bad inspection report, an occupant has noticed serious symptoms of structural problems or you just want to remodel and open the home up, a call to TermiGuard is the first step.

    We’re a flexible team that can design and execute on complex structural repairs or work with your remodeler to take care of serious alterations before they do the finishing touches.

    The Structural Repair Process

    1. The Initial Consultation

    Whether a home inspection turned up issues or you found them yourself, we can discuss the problem with you and go over your options. Maybe you want us to handle all the work, or just consult on the planning stages, or execute on someone else’s engineered drawings. Whatever your need, we’re here to discuss it.

    2. Plans & Engineered Designs

    If necessary, we engage a professional engineer to do the math and handle designs, ensuring the plans include the right materials and prescribes the correct remedy for the problem at hand. If we determine in our initial site visit that we do not need engineered drawings, then we work on a plan without them.

    3. Permits

    With plans in hand, we have the documentation needed to pass the permitting process with no problems. We can guide you through the process or expedite this for you, to avoid the headache of dealing with regulatory agencies asking questions you may not understand.

    4. Execution

    Our skilled Technicians follow the plan precisely, with a site manager available to you throughout the process to explain and coordinate as needed. Workers treat your home as if it were their own, with respect and care.

    5. Follow-up

    Every job will receive a quality control inspection, by one of our field supervisors, to make sure all of our clients are happy and satisfied by checking in after the job is done. If you have any issues, we want to be the first to know!

    Types of Structural Repairs and Renovations

    Water and Termite Damage

    TermiGuard Fenwick Building & Renovation began from water and termite damage discovered from mold and termite inspections. These inspections naturally led to clients asking us to repair the damage that was brought on from water, mold and termites. When we have to get into a wall or crawl space to reach the water damage, we can be your contractor to put back those removed materials.

    Structural Damage and Construction Defects

    Whether you’ve discovered the issue yourself or had a home inspection report go poorly, we’re here to help. Cracks in the walls, sagging doorways, drooping ceilings, and other noticeable issues could be even larger problems than you think. If you see an issue, you need a professional assessment as soon as possible.

    Remodeling and Alterations

    Have you ever wanted to open up your first floor and apply modern design like an open great room? As experts in framing and structural design, we’re a natural fit to make sure your remodeling project is on solid footing from start to finish. We handle all the heavy lifting like installing structural beams, floor joists, wall studs, repairing any foundation issues, and any framing necessary to get you ready or your remodeler ready for the installation of finish materials.

    Financing Options from GreenSky
    Finance Your Project

    Financing available

    We’ve partnered with EnerBank & GreenSky to provide financing solutions to our customers. EnerBank & GreenSky has helped many of our customers with home improvement loans and offers flexible terms and conditions to suit your needs.