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Dec 18

Keeping Cold Weather Invaders Out

By Kelly Haverkamp | blog , Pest Control News

As winter approaches, local New Jersey homeowners may be starting to see a spike in unwelcome guests as cooler weather becomes more of a staple and less of a surprise.

FYI – one of the reasons we have such a squirrel population right now is because of the abundant amount of acorns last year and the mild winter we had. Birds of prey population was low as well. Now that there is an abundant amount of rodent type pest around, the birds of prey population will slowly increase but in the meantime we will have squirrel and rodent pressures increasing in our homes.


And just as we bundle up to stay warm…

that very same chill in the air signals to some insects that it is time to seek shelter in cozy confines such as attics, garages, within your home’s walls and other places. Pests become harder to manage once inside your house, which is why prevention is crucial to enjoying your fall and winter months.


A list of common “winter invaders” includes…

  • rats
  • mice
  • cockroaches
  • spiders
  • squirrels
  • raccoons


Protection and Prevention:

  1.  Check all doors and windows. You’ll want to be sure that all seals are in good condition.
  2. Inspect the screens to ensure they are all installed correctly and do not have any tears which would keep them from proper working order.
  3. Talk a walk around your home’s exterior. Look for any cracks or holes which would provide ideal access points to the interior. For example: siding, utility pipes, behind chimneys or near chimney caps, along bilco doors, broken vent covers, etc.
  4. Use the right products and tools to address issues as you find them. Some may prove more effective when used in an interior setting versus an exterior setting or vice versa. Always read labels and seek advice or help if you are not sure about any problems you are up against. If done incorrectly, all of your hard work could prove to have been for nothing!
  5. Exterior pest control treatments can be beneficial for creating and then maintaining a barrier around your home. With extensive training and familiarity with the nature of insects, your pest control technician may be able to aid you in a way you would not have thought of.
  6. Store trashcans and recycling bins in sealed areas such as a locked shed or outhouse. If trashcans are kept outdoors, use animal-proof lids.
  7. Trim back tree branches which extend over the roof line.
  8. Eliminate sources of moisture in crawl spaces and basements.


Do you need a helping hand?

Contact TermiGuard Services today if you are concerned about winter pests finding their way into your home. Protect your home and protect your family from undesirables. Between our pest control division and our restoration, repair and remodeling company TG Fenwick, we can provide a solution to your problems. From repairs at past/possible future pest access points to prevention of infestation, allow TermiGuard Services to help you take back control!

856-753-1401 / 609-601-9400

Dec 16

Is your home hosting a flea circus?

By Kelly Haverkamp | blog , Pest Control News

If you have pets, you probably are well aware of fleas and the devastating impact they can have on your home and family. But do you know WHY and HOW they found their way into your house?

Let’s start with the why…

Fleas are, unfortunately, a year-round infestation possibility. When cooler weather sets in, they especially tend to become a nuisance; they are entering your home in search for warmth and shelter.

They don’t care if they were invited in or not!

Sometimes, they find their way in with a ride on your family pet – be it the dogs or a cat who explores the great outdoors on occasion. But don’t go blaming Mooch and Earl just yet!

With long legs designed to aid in transporting themselves from host to host, fleas are most likely to be found on wildlife and rodents. Most preventative measures recommended by veterinarians will eliminate the risk to your pet but they do not aid in populations of squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, deer, etc.

How are you supposed to know if you have a flea issue?

First, take notice of your pets. Scratching and biting more than normal should serve as a big red flag. It may not be fleas, but something has changed which is causing your animals’ discomfort. Take a look on their skin at the base of their fur/hair. Typically a reddish-brown color, this pest is only about 1/16 of an inch which can make it hard to spot. Keep in mind, they are wingless but will jump!

If you think there are fleas in your home – for example on the furniture and carpet – you can perform an easy DIY experiment to find out. Simply run a clean white piece of paper against the fabric/carpet. This will agitate the fleas present and cause them to leap showing themselves against the stark white background.

Okay, so I know I have fleas. Now what?!

Take a deep breath. Fleas can be a big pain when it comes to remediation but with dedication and patience, you can move past the pest infestation.

First of all, understand that your pets will need to be treated. Talk to your veterinarian about what they recommend and what you should do in the meantime. Next, address your home. Ideally, since your pets would need to be out of the house during remediation anyway, you can align for your pets’ treatment to take place during your home’s treatment.

Sometimes treatment will involve an aerosol fumigation. Speaking with your pest control company can help determine a plan for your specific home and its unique needs. No matter the type of treatment, you will need to complete protocols prior. This includes vacuuming, turning off pilot lights, covering exposed food, eliminating boxes and stored items from beneath beds, etc.

Kick that circus out of town!

Make sure you seek professional advice and help with your home’s flea situation. Over-the-counter products will mostly likely not aid you in eliminating the issue.

Contact us today at 856-753-1401 or 609-601-9400 if you believe you are experiencing a problem with fleas.

Nov 22

An Important Update for Your Home’s Pest Control Program…

By Kelly Haverkamp | blog , Pest Control News

Hey Folks…

We recently updated a lot of the products we use within our company. Abiding by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection requirements, please consider this a consumer information notice about the products TermiGuard Services & Fenwick could use at your home as part of services we offer.

At no point does the list located at the bottom of this post represent products which are all used routinely. Materials, application methods and products will fluctuate from home to home depending on the service plan, season/time of year, and particular pest pressures.

If you ever have a question about any product used at your property or listed below, feel free to contact the office at 856-753-1401 or 609-601-9400. We are also required to provide the following phone numbers for your use in the event that we are not able to answer your question in a timely manner or you wish to speak to a third party familiar with the products:

National Pesticide Informational Center: (800) 858-7378 … general health and pesticide toxicology
NJ Poison Information & Education System: (800) 222-1222 … emergency situations
NJ Pesticide Control Program: (609) 984-6507 … pesticide complaints/regulatory information

Sanitation, as well as physical and biological control measures should be considered as part of a good pest control program. Advance notice is given for all routine visits by email or postcard. After pest control materials have been used at the exterior of your property, you will notice at least one small orange flag at your home, commonly by entry ways, which says “PESTICIDE TREATED AREA.” Feel free to remove the flag once all products used have dried.

As always, we take pride in keeping you informed, as well as providing good, direct communication with our customers. Never hesitate to reach out to us if you need help understanding this letter or product list. Someone is in the office and reachable at 856-753-1401/609-601-9400 Monday through Friday, 7:30am-4pm. You are also encouraged to email us at [email protected].


Thank you for your continuous support and valued input to TermiGuard Services & Fenwick,




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Nov 16

Roll out the red carpet … TermiGuard is introducing a new feature!

By Kelly Haverkamp | blog , Pest Control News

Busy lives matter and we’ve listened!

We understand our Clients and Customers are not just diligent homeowners but hard workers and just plain busy folks! And because we all seem to be living busy (psst! and sometimes hectic) lives nowadays, we might not have the time we would like to spend with the companies servicing our property.


There’s a solution to your service woes…

When a service technician visits your home and you’re unable to meet on that day or particular time, how do you know what the tech did, what was seen, or if any issues you were having were actually addressed? Are you confident the job was done?


It’s about keeping you informed.

We’ve listened to the collective concern of our customers, taking an honest look into the way our company operates to… well… figure out a solution that best fits your needs.

We are practically busting at the seams to announce something we proudly designed with YOU in mind. Starting in November, whatever unique service you have:

· SeasonGuard Pest Control
· SeasonGuard PLUS Pest Control
· Mole and Vole Reduction Services
· YardGuard—our flea, tick, and mosquito reduction program
· No Worries Termite Protection Program

Your individualized report… will show exactly what time our technician arrived and left your property, our Customer Service Representative’s instructions expressing any particular concerns for your home, and the tech’s notes on how he addressed them– including a list of products used that day!


On your doorstep, in the palm of your hands!

As always, we are dedicated to making our customers’ lives easier. We want to provide you with the best possible experience every time TermiGuard Services & Fenwick visits your home! From the first phone call with our office staff, through the growing relationship we keep with our reoccurring customers, we are open to hearing your suggestions for improving.


You never know… you could be the inspiration for our next new feature!  

Cartoon Truck_Driver_Termi-sized

Oct 12

It Pays to Have a Company That Does It All and Stands Behind Their Work T’boot!

By Kelly Haverkamp | blog , Pest Control News

A little history for you…

Growing up, Jim and Mike’s parents taught them to set challenging goals and standards; they were raised to always have high expectations for themselves and their encounters in life. Equipped with the tools necessary to deliver on their promises, the TermiGuard and Fenwick founders are committed to their business and to their customers and employees.

At TermiGuard Services, we practice discipline, determination, perseverance, and a ‘never-quit’ work ethic. We live by these qualities, and by doing so, we’ve fostered that same culture into our company as a whole.

This business was built to be effectively different from the rest – embracing and living the principles and values Jim and Mike grew up with – treating people the way we’d want to be treated.

We offer you a family of home services including real estate repairs, pest and termite inspections and routine control, crawlspace encapsulations, mold remediation, basement waterproofing, structural and foundation repairs, and property restoration and remodeling – such as roofing, siding, windows, kitchens, bathrooms, finished basements and more.

It is our goal to serve as a “one-stop-shop” for homeowners; we take that relationship with our customers seriously.


TermiGuard’s Pest Services division, for example, provides a few different service programs which include termite coverage.

  • SeasonGuard Plus
  • No Worries
  • Termite Treatment Warranty Renewal (TTWR) programs.

Depending on what your pest control goals are, each program has its advantages. If you were not aware of, or have questions about, any of these programs, contact us in the office! We would be more than happy to go over each and help you figure out what best fits your needs.

But what happens if or when things go a little wrong?


The warranty which we include with any of those programs is what sets us apart from some other choices you may have had in the past.

Normally, I wouldn’t put a price on homeowner peace-of-mind, but in this case I’m going to value it at $75,000 … that’s because our termite protection covers exactly that! If your home ever needs treatment for a new infestation of live subterranean termites – as long as you are covered under a current warranty or program – you don’t have to worry about that additional cost. TermiGuard Services will cover the treatment up to $75,000!

But wait… what if that live infestation caused new damage?

Because we have an entire division devoted to reconstruction, remodeling and remediation that our customers take advantage of – that workmanship is also extended to our pest control warranty customers, when things don’t go quite as we planned! Any damages, from a live active infestation, which occur due to those unwanted, pesky wood destroying termites would be addressed by our TG Fenwick division at no cost to you … again up to $75,000!


It pays to have a company that can do it all!

Take a look at a recent termite warranty customer who encountered a new infestation… and unfortunately new damage as well. After confirming the insect to blame was in fact termites, we performed a spot treatment of the affected area.

After the product application, we sent in one of our TG Fenwick crews to make this Blackwood, NJ home’s garage ready for use once more.

3bb a


And remember…

When things go wrong, you’ll be glad you’re doing business with a company which acts quickly and efficiently to fix the problem! Sometimes, the way a service company handles themselves when things go wrong can tell you more about their character then when the plan goes off without a hitch.

As consumers ourselves, we’ve felt the pain caused by uncaring contractor attitudes and their apparent disregard for old-fashioned customer-centered service. Although we always strive to be, we’re not perfect.

But, it’s what we do when things don’t always go exactly as predicted, how we handle and correct things – to make them right – that separates TermiGuard Services & Fenwick from the many shoddy service providers folks tolerate today.


1 2



If you have any concerns related to damages or treatment needed for termites at your home, give us a call! We would be happy to help you set up with an inspection or estimate/evaluation. 856-753-1401



Sep 21

What in the World Are Chiggers?!

By Kelly Haverkamp | blog , Pest Control News

I grew up camping; insect bites were simply part of my childhood. Frog hunting with my Uncle Ed, riding horses at my Aunt Fran’s, and getting so muddy my own mother wouldn’t recognize me in a lineup were all normal occurrences for me and my older sister.

So between time spent outdoors, and now working in a company which specializes in pest management, I thought I was pretty well equipped with knowledge about creepy-crawlers and their habits.

And then I met my match…

Have you ever heard of chiggers? I hadn’t.

Rewind back to Labor Day weekend for a minute. I had plans for a BBQ with friends on Monday, so I decided to spend my Sunday being a bum. Armed with a big cup of iced coffee and my latest book obsession, I took residence on my back porch to hunker in for a long afternoon of reading and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Six hours later – hey, I already admitted to being a bum! – I came in the house, cooked dinner and spent some time with family who came over to visit. The rest of the night continued on as normal.

The next morning…

I am getting my shower and notice some weird bumps on my legs. Knowing my tendency to get bug bites, I don’t think much about them. I throw on a pair of jeans and head out the door to my friend’s BBQ… That night as I’m changing into pajamas, I realize those little bumps I saw earlier are a lot worse than I originally noticed. Not only is there more than before, but the affected area is bright red with irritation.

Both feet. My left ankle to about four inches up my calf. My right ankle to up my calf to up my hip. A few marks on my stomach on the right side. Both forearms. And a few spots on the back of my left arm by my armpit. ALL WITH RED BUMPS.

At this point, I am completely dumbfounded. 

I assume it is some allergic reaction of sorts; it is only red marks and some places look a little like tiny blisters… maybe I rubbed up against something out back when I was in the yard or my dog did and then came and laid on my legs like she normally does. I go to bed and wake the next morning for work without giving it too much further thought.

And then the torture began!

When I tell you that I would not wish chigger bites upon my worst enemy, you need to understand how serious I am!

By day 2, my bites were beginning to itch. I decided they were in fact not just a reaction to something (OBVIOUS in hindsight!). As I was sitting at work, Mike Allen – one of the company’s owners and founders – is telling the office staff about the chigger bites he and his son got over the weekend from fishing. He described them being clustered together and explained how chiggers normally target areas on the body which clothing is tighter. For example, belted pants, sock and shoes borders, etc.

It was a classic light bulb over my head type of moment. I pulled my pant leg up and immediately demanded he look at my bites. He probably originally thought I was crazy because I offered no explanation of why I wanted him to look at my legs. Haha Ooops!

After confirming the bites were in fact from chiggers…

Mike decided to take advantage of my naïveté – like any good boss would do! Catching on to the fact that I did not have any experience with chiggers, Mike told me that the bumps were a result of the insect burrowing under your skin.


As I’m sure you can expect, I was revolted by the thought that little bugs were under my skin. Thankfully, because I grew up in a digital world, I immediately went to Google to confirm his diagnosis.


Everyone got that? Reread that if you have to.

It is just an old wives’ tale. Do not let anyone convince you otherwise… or you may panic like I did and prepare yourself for self-performed surgery. HA!

Using the burrowing theory as a springboard, the clear nail polish trick you’ll read about is also false. Some people say to apply nail polish over the bite to “suffocate” the bug, but as we just cleared up, there is no bug to suffocate in the bite.

Chiggers are members of the arachnid family and are incredibly tiny. You will not see them without magnification of some sort.


So what CAN you do if you find yourself a victim of chigger bites?

  • Try to avoid scratching. This will be the absolute hardest thing you’ve ever tried to avoid. I never had chicken pox as a kid, but this is how I envision they feel. Every time your clothing moves, every time you brush against something, you will itch and itch and itch.
  • Look for a cooling gel or cream designed for after care of bites and other outdoor ailments like poison ivy. I found Benadryl cooling gel to be fantastic. The cooling helps the itchiness while the Benadryl helps with the swelling – because, oh yeah, that will happen too! If you have a really bad case, try also taking Benadryl orally. I took one each day for about a week.
  • Take very hot, soapy showers. The hot water and soap will knock any bugs off of your skin if still there. The heat feels good on the bites too which is a nice bonus.
  • Cold compresses and soaking the area in an oatmeal bath can also be short term comforts.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see a reduction in bites or redness quickly.

Chigger bites can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to completely heal. I am two weeks into this ordeal and I am happily reporting that my bites no longer itch as fiercely as before. Going 5 minutes without itching used to be an unattainable feat, but now I can go the whole day without going to town on my bites. It is hard not to scratch, but keep in mind that when you reopen the bite, you are risking infection and scaring.

Below are a few pictures of my legs about 5 days after first being bit. Unfortunately, I was unable to shave my legs due to the bites til a few days ago, so you’ll have to look past that! Ha!

chigger-bites-1 chigger-bites-2-feature-image chigger-bites-3 chigger-bites-4 chigger-bites-5 chigger-bites-7

Sep 09

Have you taken advantage of all the services which TermiGuard Services & Fenwick offers?

By Kelly Haverkamp | blog , Pest Control News

Recently, I had an experience which made me take a step back and look at the situation with a different view…

Celebrating my friend’s birthday, I sent him a gift basket which was advertised online to be filled with candy bars/bags. I was excited to have found a gift which would be perfectly suited for him… unfortunately, I was also skeptical because I had never used this particular company before. Because I grew up in the computer age, I immediately went to Google and did a little recon!

Everything looked good – Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, Facebook reviews; they all checked out. So I bit the bullet and placed my order. Confirmation emails were sent for my order, the charge to my debit card, and then even after delivery to ensure I knew their product had arrived on time as agreed upon.

BUT little did they knew, I had already been sent a picture of said product. And I was already quite upset with their company. When the gift basket arrived, my friend – none the wiser – sent me a picture with a note of gratitude for thinking of him. What I ordered and what arrived were not exactly matches.

If you remember, I ordered a basket of candy – and had included a note about celebrating his birthday in a “sweet”way. (Yeah, yeah. What can I say? I enjoy cheesy puns!) What arrived in its place was a basket of snacks including Pringles, Doritos and Oreos. Don’t get me wrong; all of those are absolutely delicious… BUT also not what I paid money for.

What happened next spoke volumes about their company.

I emailed the company with pictures of my order and what showed up. I wrote them a concise message clearly showing my disappointment. Now, don’t read into that thinking I became a crazy woman – there was no ranting involved! Working in customer service positions for 10+ years has taught me a hundred times over that being cruel will get you nowhere in life!

Within two hours, I had a reply in my inbox expressing their concern and apologies. Without so much as a prompt for reimbursement, they had already issued a percentage of my cost back to my card and reshipped the correct order.

That was all it took. A simple act of old-fashioned customer service reassured me that maybe I did pick the best company to meet my standards because I had in fact chosen a company which took pride in their services and cared about their customer’s satisfaction.

The best part about finding a company you love is knowing you can trust them.

Sometimes, it isn’t about how a company handles themselves when things go right. Sometimes, it comes down to how they handle it when things go wrong. How quickly do they act? How do they offer to make it right? And do you leave the situation feeling better than before?

This stands true for services you’ve used in the past – and even ones you may need in the future! Do you have a company who you can put your trust in 100%?

If you are reading our blog, I hope the answer to that question is YES!

TermiGuard Services & Fenwick offers a full suite of quality home and building services.

Maybe you already know about some of the work we perform regularly, but did you know we have multiple divisions? Between our construction, mold and pest control divisions, we take pride in being a “one stop shop” for homeowners.

  • Mold Inspections and Testing
  • Mold Remediation
  • Dehumidification Systems, Installation and Maintenance
  • Crawlspace Encapsulation
  • Structural and Foundation Repairs
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Sump Pump Installation and Available Maintenance Programs
  • Property Restoration and Remodeling including roofing, siding, windows, kitchens, bathrooms, finished basements and much more…
  • Stucco Remediation and Restoration
  • Pest and Termite Control
  • Flea, Tick, and Mosquito Reduction Programs

And of course, the service we take the most pride in at TermiGuard Services and Fenwick … CUSTOMER SERVICE! For a pleasant experience with a company you can trust, contact us today for help with any of your home’s concerns or projects.

Jul 21

What Does Cirque du Soleil Have to Do With Pest Control?

By Kelly Haverkamp | blog , Pest Control News

In May, my sister surprised me with tickets to the Cirque du Soleil show at the Liacouras Center. I had been to one other similar style show, many years ago, and it is still one of my favorite memories involving live performance. The title of this particular masterpiece is OVO; it is a tale of greed, love and eventual friendship revolving around an egg found by one of the main characters. Ovo means “egg” in Portuguese for those who do not know – I know I didn’t!

Now don’t get me wrong, any Cirque du Soleil show would be amazing to witness, but this one could not have been any more relevant to me. The characters just so happen to be insects!! Seeing what we normally perceive as pests in our home displayed with such beauty and elegance on stage was mesmerizing! From the ant acrobatics on the ground, to the majestic moths and butterflies playing in the sky with aerial acrobatics, my breath was simply taken away.

The costumes, the music, the character portrayals – if you have never experienced a Cirque du Soleil show, I highly recommend you take a look into seeing their next performance!


Watching the insects portrayed on stage made me think … I wonder if our customers know about some of the more beneficial bugs for a homeowner to see around.

  • Ladybugs: often considered a sign of luck; eat soft-bodied pests, mites, and insect eggs found in your garden.

  • Praying Mantis/Praying Mantids: Contrary to popular folklore, it is not illegal to harm a praying mantid, but why would you ever want to? These prehistoric looking pests act as a predator to most other insects on your property. Consider them the T-Rex of the flower bed!

  • Spiders: found in 2/3 of all homes, spiders usually only bite humans when they feel threatened. They feast on many household pests that are capable of transmitting disease to humans –for example mosquitoes, fleas, flies, cockroaches.

  • Butterflies: besides being beautiful to look at, butterflies are also responsible for pollinating flowers around your home and garden.


What other beneficial pests have you seen around your home?





Jun 27

Mosquitoes: Getting Educated for Summer Reduction

By Kelly Haverkamp | blog , Pest Control News

Hello summer! Hello mosquitoes! Hello South Jersey!

Nothing ruins a summer cook out more than unwanted guests – and I’m not talking about that one aunt who pinches your cheeks too hard when she kisses you hello!

As summer starts this month, the heat is building and we warm weather lovers continue to spend more and more time outdoors. So don’t let mosquitoes crash your party! The more you know about this difficult and persistent pest, the better you’ll understand how to reduce their presence in and around your backyard…

Did you know there are 180+ different species of mosquitoes in the United States alone?

In New Jersey alone, there has been a documented 63 different species. That means about one third of the total different kinds of mosquitoes can be found right here at home. Ick!

Although they have many differences, each species shares a 4 stage life cycle.  This is why reoccurring treatments are best suited for dealing with the pest – but more on that later!

  1. Egg
  2. Larva
  3. Pupa
  4. Adult

Another commonality between species is that male mosquitoes don’t actually bite you! The female mosquito needs a blood meal prior to laying her eggs after production. The males typically feed on plant nectar.

Breeding – and where best to treat to prevent it…

Areas chosen for breeding sites and depositing eggs are species specific, but usually you’ll want to look for anywhere routine damp or shaded. This can include standing water such as bird baths, still water in a pool or pond, kids’ toys which act as a bucket for rain water, etc. Even an object as small as an upside down bottle cap left outside could provide a home to new mosquito larvae!

So what can you do to rid your yard of these pests?!

Once you identify the “hot spots” which can lead to breeding – and properly address them – if you are still having an issue with bites, you may want to start thinking about calling in the Pro’s like your friends at TermiGuard Services! Using a routine mosquito management program will arm you with education and a second set of eyes on your property to ensure the target areas are treated and all your efforts are getting their best results!

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our YardGuard reduction programs; our goal is to help you live outdoors again!

May 19

Termite Prevention

By TermiGuard | blog , Pest Control News

If you don’t think termite prevention is important, here’s a BIG reason to think again…

Experts Predict The Worst Termite Season Ever Is Ahead In 2015!

The EHS – Environmental Health Services – recently featured an article about two dangerous exotic termite species mating to potentially create the most destructive hybrid termite in the world!

The Asian subterranean and the Formosan subterranean termites are not native to the United States – the Asian termite was likely brought into the country via imports from having come from tropical parts of south-eastern Asia, and the Formosan termite was likely a cause from imports of China – but, are two of the most dangerous and destructive termite species on the planet, especially when it comes to our homes!

While both species have been known to have overlapping habitats in parts of Florida, neither one have ever been found in mating swarms, as swarming periods occur at different months. However, what makes this story so interesting is these two different species were recently found swarming together in parts of Southern Florida and have already produced a hybrid that is the most aggressive and destructive termite yet…

“Chouvenc is the lead author of a study published on Wednesday in the journal ‘Plos One’ detailing observations of Asian and Formosan termite swarms in downtown Fort Lauderdale and then in a lab at UF’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

In the field, including Chouvenc’s own yard, researchers documented the two species swarming at the same time and in the same places. The same behaviour was documented again last year, and Chouvenc said he is seeing again this spring.

“What we didn’t expect to see was when they’re in the same place at the same time, we saw the male Asian subterranean termites looking for the female Formosan termites in the field,” Chouvenc said.

“When we put them in vials and brought them back to the lab, to our biggest surprise they started laying eggs and the eggs started growing.”

The resulting “hybrid” colony in the lab grew more vigorously than colonies produced by either species alone, researchers said. Genetic analysis confirmed they were looking at a hybrid species.”

These findings are quite important to entomologists, and should also be considered by homeowners living in the area, however, folks like us – living in the Northeast region of the country – normally wouldn’t need to worry about a destructive duo such as this hybrid…

See, generally speaking, the Formosan termite is found only in Southern parts of the United States – Hawaii, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Texas. Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, and California to name some states in particular – along with the Asian termite…and given their biology and ecology, warmer temperatures is where they thrive, therefore, neither were ever a blip on our northeast radar…

But when factors like climate change (our climate has warmed over the last 30 years) and evolution begin to play a role in the matter, us Northeast folks may now have a good reason to worry…

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out, but in the meantime…

The best way to protect your home or property and to restore your peace-of-mind from termites and their damages…

Termite prevention is key!

And here’s why it’s so important…

Termites are known as “silent destroyers” due to their ability to chew right through the wood members of a home or building completely undetected! That’s right…termites can go undetected for long periods of time, leaving you with costly repairs and treatment costs.

And, given today’s construction challenges ( I won’t bore you with a lesson on below grade stucco, or rigid foam board insulation right now), not to mention the fact termites can submerge through areas the size of a pinhead…there is indeed room for error – even the most commonly used barrier defense systems do not put a complete barrier around our homes!

Investing in a Termite Protection Plan is the way to go!

It’s preventative health for your home…

TermiGuard Services & Fenwick’s Termite Warranty Protection Plan not only comes with an annual renewable warranty, but delivers a yearly termite inspection, an easy and affordable monthly payment system, and covers up to $75,000 in termite damages!

If you’re worried about termites, STOP! Let us do the dirty work. We’ll be here to look out for those costly exterior maintenance issues that, unfortunately, you may not have the expertise to see or identify. Let’s keep those BIG dollars in your wallet where they belong!

Call TODAY to schedule your termite service now – (856).753.1401 – (609).601.9400 – (215).627.2224

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