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    A cockroach infestation is equal parts horrifying and hard to deal with, which is why TermiGuard is here for you! With our team of roach removal experts and top of the line equipment and treatment methods, your cockroach problem will be gone quicker than you can say infestation. TermiGuard has been in the New Jersey extermination industry for over 20 years, and with our proven results it’s easy to see why!
    Not only can you get free call-backs and same-day service in most areas, you can get free cursory inspections! Our company is truly local and family owned, so you’ll receive personalized service, with an assigned technician and service coordinator, that national conglomerates, with call centers, just can’t provide. With 100% satisfaction guaranteed service promise, who better to call than TermiGuard!

    Pest Control Plans


    Defense for general pests around perimeter of foundation
    Year-round pest protection with 4 scheduled visits
    Covers 25+ general pests
    *Termite Monitoring Stations included (discounts if termites are found)
    Includes 2 exterior rodent bait stations and monitoring
    UNLIMITED call-backs


    Defense for general pests up to 10′ from the foundation – including stinging pests
    Year-round pest protection with 4 scheduled visits
    Covers 25+ general pests from TG Basic, plus covers termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees & wood-borer Beetles
    Annual Termite Inspection with Free Retreatment Coverage
    UNLIMITED call-backs


    Defense for general pests up to 20′ from the foundation – including stinging pests
    Year-round pest protection with 4 scheduled visits
    Covers all pests & features from TG Plus & TG Basic
    Reduction of mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas outdoors April – October
    UNLIMITED call-backs

    Free Roach Inspections

    At TermiGuard, we ensure our clients live roach-free lives without the stress of most roach extermination services. We offer free roach inspections so you can get expert advice from the top roach exterminators in the region with zero risk to you.
    Tick Control

    Free Roach Call-Backs

    Members of TermiGuard pest control plans get the peace of mind of knowing that not only are they protected by top-of-the-line roach control methods, they can also call back any time they have problems. We are happy to return for free and without limit to satisfy our clients.

    Same-Day Roach Service

    In some of our coverage areas, we can come out that day to to take care of your roach problem. Wouldn’t it be great to know that you won’t have to worry about roaches in your home again tomorrow? Give us a call and inquire about same-day roach service.

    A Local Roach Exterminator

    Unlike national conglomerates, our roach services are tailored specifically to the needs of New Jersey residents. We don’t use cookie-cutter approaches when it comes to eliminating roach problems. And since all of our team members live locally, it’s good knowing you’re supporting a truly local business, not faceless, national chains!

    ‘A Great Company!’

    “TermiGuard is a great company. The service is consistent. The technicians are knowledgeable and professional. We have been satisfied customers for many years.

    – Kathryn I, Cherry Hill

    What are the Signs of Cockroaches?

    Cockroaches are mostly nocturnal and are notoriously hard to spot, so an infestation may not be obvious at first. However, there are clues when inspecting to determine whether your home is infested and subsequently can be detrimental to health and mental well being. Here are the five key signs that your home is infested by cockroaches.

    Finding A Live Cockroach

    This one may seem fairly obvious but seeing a cockroach is not as easy as you think. Cockroaches live in small spaces, preferring narrow crevices like behind fridges, under sinks, behind moldings and trim and in kitchen cabinets. Cockroaches tend to gather anywhere that’s moist and dark. The best way to try to see one is to wait till dark and quickly flick on a light. They’ll scurry away quickly and their movement allows you to spot them better.

    Discovering A Dead Cockroach

    If you find a dead cockroach that is another good sign but look carefully, as it may be one of their sheddings. They shed 8 times in their lifetime, and these sheddings will be hollow. These are not exactly indicators as to which type of cockroach is infesting your home as sheddings tend to be smaller and a different color than the adult cockroach.

    Finding Cockroach Feces in Your Home

    Cockroach droppings typically look like small coffee grounds and pepper, occasionally being cylindrical. Although similar to mouse droppings they’re much smaller and finer. Their droppings are found where they’re most active, indicating the source of the infestation. They can also leave behind dark, irregular smudges as well.

    Finding Egg Capsules or Casings.

    Cockroach egg capsules are oval-shaped pods that are typically under two inches long. Each egg capsule can take about a month to hatch and can contain upwards to forty embryos depending on the species. Most of the time they’re brown, but that can vary as well. Some species carry their eggs on their backs so you may not spot those.

    A Musty or Oily Smell

    Areas infected by cockroaches have a particular musty scent caused by the pheromones left behind by their droppings. This musty smell attracts other cockroaches, and the greater the infestation the worse the smell typically is. It’s an unpleasant, damp odor that can stick to any surface and sink deeply into your possessions and furnishings. Like the droppings, it can be a sign as to where they frequent so use that to your advantage to find where they are hiding.

    What Causes Roach Infestations?

    There are many reasons that a cockroach can find its way into your home. For one, like all creatures, cockroaches crave shelter. They need places to hide and the more cluttered your home is the easier it is for them to hide. If you have a dark and moist room in your home like a basement, your house may be very appealing to them. Most water sources that aren’t properly turned off can draw them in as well.

    If your home is cluttered, you run the risk of encouraging roaches as they love any garbage they can find, especially left over food. Dishes piled in the sink and food that has been left out is basically a summoning call for them. The same goes for trash that you may leave piled around.

    Unfortunately, you can do everything right and still have cockroaches. If you live in an apartment or townhouse and share a wall with a neighbor who does any of the above things, your home is likely to be infested too. And if it isn’t already, it may just be a matter of when. At that point, if you rent, it’s best to call your landlord and hope they call an exterminator to possibly treat the entire building.


    “On time and very thorough inspection. Received written report quickly and was very comprehensive. Would highly recommend.”

    – Peter K., Cherry Hill

    Lifecycle of a Cockroach

    There are three stages of life all cockroaches go through, the egg stage, the nymph stage and the adult stage. Cockroaches usually live up to 6 to 15 months depending on moisture levels, temperature and species.

    The egg state is the first stage and the hardest to see. Cockroaches lay 10-50 eggs in warm humid areas, often in secluded and small spaces. These places include under stoves, sinks and pantries. The egg stage can last between 14 to 100 days depending on the species. However, higher temps usually cause them to develop faster. Considering the female can lay multiple cases they tend to reproduce very quickly.

    The next is the nymph stage. As they grow, they molt multiple times. Nymphs have soft, white bodies that will change to their species’ main color as they develop (black/brown/gray). These are where their hollow shells come in. The nymph phase lasts about one to three months, but they can spread as many diseases just as an adult cockroach.

    After their final molt, they gain their full coloration and enter the adult stage and start reproducing. This stage is the longest, and given their long lifespan they have a very large window to reproduce and create a greater infestation. They gain their wings in the later parts of the nymph stage and have them at this stage as well, allowing them to fly around and wreak even more fear and mental anguish.

    Most Common Types of Cockroaches

    There are four types of Cockroaches that are the most common and easiest to recognize: The German cockroach, the American cockroach, the Oriental cockroach, and the Brown-Banded cockroach.

    The American cockroach is typically what comes to mind when you think of a cockroach. It’s the largest at two inches and a light shade of reddish brown, and most commonly found in lower-floor apartments in cities and suburban homes. They are also the ones most commonly seen in movies and television.We can often see them fly at night particularly around porch lighting

    The oriental cockroach, more commonly known as the water bug, is larger and almost black. The females of these don’t have wings and males only have short wings so you won’t see them flying much. Usually they dwell in basements, especially after heavy rain storms.

    The German cockroach and the Brown-banded cockroach are similar to each other as they’re both dark brown and about the size of the penny. However, the German cockroach is mostly black with a stripe on its head and the Brown-banded has rings of brown bands on its thorax. These both can be found in higher up rooms like attics as they don’t have the same water needs as some of the others on this list.

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    The Dangers of Cockroaches

    Cockroaches can be detrimental as they spread illness like e.Coli and Salmonella and can taint food and countertops just by walking across them. Although they can’t bite you they can scratch you with their legs, which could give you an infection.

    They also leave behind an awful smell that can potentially cause gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases.

    Most commonly, they can also trigger moderate to severe allergic and asthmatic reactions to those sensitive to cockroach antigens. These could be potentially health threatening depending on the individual.

    How Do I Get Rid of Roaches?

    You can set out glue strips in areas to monitor activity and to see cockroach activities such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements. These immobilize the cockroach and starve them to death, while having the added benefit of helping you find the cockroaches. After all, the more cockroaches stuck to it, the closer you are to the center of the infestation. This will not solve the infestation however.

    You can also use bait traps which you can place in similar areas as the glue traps. The cockroaches will eat the bait, then die off and spread the poison to the other roaches but you need to reapply the bait every 2-3 weeks. You will also need to figure out what bait they prefer.

    You can also try DIY boric acid dust to kill them if you want a solution that is more organic. But applying dust needs to be precise and requires expensive equipment. Pest programs with routine exterior treatments can also help to prevent an infestation.

    How Can I Prevent Roaches from the Start?

    Cockroaches are attracted to areas providing food, shelter and water. Cut those out, you cut them out. To do this, you have to make sanitation of your home the utmost priority. Don’t keep any garbage bags in the house and make sure to keep your home spotless of food crumbs and food residue. Sweep, mop and vacuum frequently, never leave food out and try to minimize dirty dishes in the sink.

    As part of your sanitation protocol, wipe up spills and crumbs immediately. You can never leave standing water in basements and crawl spaces and make sure your pipes aren’t leaking. You can also eliminate hiding spaces and entry points by sealing up cracks between tiles and making sure there aren’t any gaps in your door frames.

    But, ultimately, cockroaches are hearty and can survive in a lot of environments. The only bulletproof solution is to hire a cockroach exterminator that practices preventative pest control and points out any conducive conditions that require corrective maintenance. Contact TermiGuard now! We are standing by to make your life cockroach-free, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.