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Why do you do monthly billing?
Let’s face it … we all lead busy lives and automation helps ease some of the pain. Its efficient, which are savings we can pass along to you, and effective ensuring your pest control will never miss a beat!
Who will be my point of contact if I have questions?

If you are scheduling a construction service, you will get your own personal customer service coordinator. You will be guided every step of the way from agreements, permits, scheduling and daily progress. It’s like having your own personal assistant.

Do you train your technicians? Do they have certifications?
We are continuously training our staff and techs. We believe that education can bridge communication gaps that often occur in any service business. They hold many different licenses or course certifications or manufacturer certified installer credentials.
Do you have any certifications for mold?
We are NORMI certified – National Organization of Mold Remediators and Mold Inspectors – we remediate in accordance to IICRC standards.
How long does it take for a permit to be approved?
Good question and a frustrating one as well. The State of New Jersey allows the municipality 20 business days. Business days don’t include government holidays and weekends. But most townships are under-staffed so delays can and do happen.
Why do I need to file a permit?
There are several reasons. First, you don’t want to get fined and issued with a stop work permit which can be both costly in time and money. Secondly, you want the work inspected and approved. It helps safeguard your investment. And thirdly, when you go to sell your house the last thing you’ll want is the home inspector or township inspector question whether or not a permit was obtained for work that was not original to the house.
Will you file the permit for me?
Absolutely, your customer service coordinator will make it seamless and coordinate the structural engineer drawings as well. We will submit the permit application and pay the fee and then have you reimburse us – The Customer Service Coordinator will be more than happy to review the process with you as well.
What is the typical process for mold remediation?
There are many important steps to mold remediation. Too many to list for an FAQ. But here it is in a nutshell: Contract a qualified company to properly assess and identify as to the cause and source of the mold. Request a detailed mold remediation plan and once you’ve selected your contractor, ask for a working plan. When the project is complete make sure quality control has been performed and always considered post remediation verification to ensure the remediation was successful. And most importantly – put in the controls and yearly inspections to make sure the mold never returns.
Can I be home while the remediation is taking place?
Depending on the degree, size and scope of the project, you can be home. Proper containment protocols and procedures are designed to prevent cross-contamination to non-affected areas.
Can my pets be home during service?
Yes – they get the same treatment as you. If they are staying home, make sure they are secure and away from the work area. Please take into consideration some aspects of remediation can be noisy, please plan accordingly to your pet’s behavior. Allow the product time to dry before reintroducing them to the areas. This also applies to pest control and construction services.
I can't be home for service to be done inside; can you still service the exterior?
Yes, we can still service the exterior. The exterior treatment is the most important part of the program, actually, as it keeps a barrier in place on the exterior of your property to help prevent pest entry inside the home.
Are there any potential health risks associated with the treatment/are the pesticides safe for my home?
All our products are EPA registered and labeled for use in both residential and commercial properties, both inside and out. Our technicians are trained and licensed to properly apply pest control products according to their label. The label is the law and is what we follow.
Do we need to leave the house when you treat for fleas/bed bugs?
Just like mold remediation it depends on the degree and size of the scope of work. Fogging typically requires exiting the house. Re-entry into treated areas vary, but our protocols will guide you.
Why do you need to call for a utility mark out?
Anytime you dig or drill into the ground surrounding the exterior of the home, a utility mark out is required by law.
Why are you still treating the exterior of my home if it is wet or lightly raining?
We are using a granular product and applying it to the targeted areas. Granular products perform extremely well and remember – if you’re on a service plan and still seeing pest pressure – we will return at no charge.
How long will the inspection take?
Inspections can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on what the inspection is for and the size of the structure.
Why don't you do free estimates?
Fenwick charges for evaluations. No different than when a doctor or specialist will charge you for their expertise. By providing a written evaluation and scope of work from an industry expert, you can obtain pricing from that to make sure all your estimates are using the same scope of work – to compare apples to apples.
Do you service Pennsylvania for pest control and construction?
Yes, we service Pennsylvania for all construction/mold related services, but not for pest control at this time.
Why do I have to sign an agreement?
It protects you to ensure proper materials specified are used, construction practices outlined are followed, that the time frame is identified for start and completion, and change orders are properly executed. Agreements give you the recourse needed should something not go right. By the way, it’s also the law.
Why can’t I use bleach to clean mold?
Bleach drives mold spores into the porous material it’s growing on. It does not remove the complete soil load. And since bleach is about 99% water – well you just fed the fire.
I’m selling my house. If I use your services, can your service fees go to closing?
In certain instances we do allow this, however in case the deal falls through, we require a credit card on file.
What’s the difference between green products and regular products?
We find green products are mostly derived from essential oils. They have a shorter effective time.
Why am I still seeing ants if you just came out for treatment?
Ants are the No. 1 pest for a reason. They adapt well, and the colony can be in various locations of your home. They require multiple treatments (different pest products as well) to eventually eliminate the colony infesting your home.
You just treated for carpenter bees two weeks ago, why are they back?
Hovering carpenter bees may not be infesting your home at all. They may just be searching for a place to bore and lay their larvae. If you see fine saw dust dropping – then you know something’s going on.
You just did a termite treatment, but I’m still seeing swarmers?
We use non-repellant termiticide. Colony elimination usually takes about 90 days.
How long does it take to perform a termite treatment?
Depending on the size and scope of work it can range from 2 hours to a day.
How long is a termite treatment good for?
A termite treatment can last for many years. The issue is, however, that the house or structure cannot be treated in an envelope fashion. Therefore there are many entry points that will always remain for termites to inhabit. The treatment is just one tool. You’ll need a yearly inspection to identify potential conducive conditions and a set of trained eyes looking for new infestation.
Will you file my claim for my homeowner's insurance?
We will guide you through the process, but you the property owner will need to file the claim.
When will my report/proposal be ready?
Termite inspection reports are available in 24 hours. Proposals for construction and restoration services can take several days to a week depending on the size and scope of work. However, we strive to turn things around ASAP (within 24-48 hours) particularly when it involves health and safety issues.
Does your technician have to come inside for the termite inspection?
Yes – the inside is the most important part in terms of detection of evidence.
You just did foundation repairs to my home but my wall is still bowed inward is that normal?
Most structural fortification is designed to be managed in place. This would be normal to see.
Is the warranty transferable to a new owner?
Yes, as long as we have the new property owner on file and a warranty transfer agreement has been executed.
Do you offer or recommend any maintenance on the dehumidifier I purchased?
Dehumidifiers just like your heater or air conditioner require yearly maintenance. We have a program that you can request.
Do you offer or recommend any maintenance on the sump pump you installed?
Yes, we have a few different programs to maintenance the sump pump. In fact, regular maintenance is required by insurer’s should you have sump and drain endorsements on your homeowner policies.
Do you offer or recommend any maintenance on the smart ventilation system I purchased?
Like our dehumidifiers program we have one for smart ventilation as well.
Are your vehicles marked?
All of our vehicles marked with our name and logos and employees are uniformed.
How close do you stay to timelines and budgets?
There is always the possibility for hiccups in any project that cause delays, however it’s very important for us to stay on schedule to meet our heavy demand. We also are sensitive to your time and do our best to keep things moving. Delays are typically caused by change orders, delay in drawings or permit and inspection process and of course weather.
Do you use subcontractors?
Yes, we use subcontractors when special licensing is required such as plumbers, HVAC contractors and electricians. We also will use specialty trade contractors as well because of their expertise and training in their respective trade.
Is there going to be a lot of dust from the construction?
Construction causes a lot of dust. The good news is that we use containment apparatus and incorporate air scrubbing to minimize and isolate dust.
How loud is it going to be?
It depends on the project. Your personal customer service pro will let you know what to expect prior to our first day arrival.
What kind of noise can I expect?
Saws, fans, drills, banging, jack hammering etc.
Will you be using my water/electricity?
We will need access to water and electric, however, we can arrange for portable power and water if needed.
Will the products smell or have an odor?
The products have a slight clean pool-like odor but break down and dissipate quickly. We do not fog or broadcast anti-microbials.
Is the mold remediation guaranteed?
There is a one year warranty on the workmanship. We recommend controls, like smart ventilation, dehumidification and crawlspace encapsulation, waterproofing, to name a few, to control the moisture invading your home, which is the biggest reason for mold.
Is your waterproofing guaranteed?
We have a limited 25 year warranty – please call our office for details. 856-753-1401. There is also a one year warranty on the workmanship and there is a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on the pump.
Is my foundation work guaranteed?
Yes we provide a one year warranty on workmanship , the manufacturer has a warranty on materials and the engineer has provided sealed drawings.
How long do the sealed drawings for the engineer take?
Depending on the size and scope of the project it’s typically 1-2 weeks.