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Every homeowner fears finding signs of water damage in their home. You wonder how it happened, how bad it is or how bad it could be, and of course what to do. But if it does happen to you and your home stop the wonder and worry, just give us a call. Let’s explain why.
The 8 spots in your home most vulnerable to moisture issues
Unmanaged moisture is one of the worst things for the long term health and condition of your house. It’s not uncommon to ignore the smaller signs and then notice the big ones too late. Oftentimes you won’t see something as obvious as a stain on your roof or walls. Moist clammy surfaces and funky smells are typically early symptoms, and while no one wants their house smelling musty and feeling damp, these the small signs are subtle and likely disregarded often leading to a potentially bigger problem, like mold, water rot, pest infestations, foundation and structural repairs, and roof damage to name a few. Having a moisture control expert to identify those issues yearly is the key to inexpensive preventive medicine.
That’s why it’s best to avoid those headaches–and more–by having moisture control measures installed preventatively and professionally. And you can trust the team at TermiGuard and Fenwick. With decades of experience, we work for you and have your interest in mind. We have been diagnosing and curing moisture and water intrusion issues for thousands of property owners. Leading the team are NORMI Certified Moisture Control Professionals and company owners Jim and Mike Allen. Since they were teenagers, starting out working for their father’s home repair business, they have been contracting, inspecting, assessing and, of course, performing moisture and water damage repair and prevention.
Jim and Mike Allen, moisture and ventilation control experts
Maryann H.
Everything looks good & so far, the rains we have had haven’t spilled over the gutters. I thought you & Mike & your crew did a fine job & left the property in fine shape. Dealing with your company was professional and easy. I would be happy to work with your company in the future.
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We've partnered with EnerBank & GreenSky to provide financing solutions to our customers. EnerBank & GreenSky has helped many of our customers with home improvement loans and offers flexible terms and conditions to suit your needs.

Why Moisture Control is Important

Water and moisture enter, in most cases, through vulnerabilities in your basement, crawlspace, attic or garage and that obviously can lead to structural damage to your foundation and structure members. It can also come in through gaps or breaches in your exterior covering materials like windows, doors, flashings and siding material.
Moisture in the air, thermal breaches and dewpoint issues in attics and crawl spaces can allow your home to promote the growth of nasty molds, bacteria, fungi, pests, and vermin. These can directly damage the structure and you’re family’s health, causing nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, eye irritation, or skin irritation. Certain household molds even lead to allergies and asthma. Pests like dust mites and rodents are also attracted by warm, humid conditions.

So now that you recognize the huge, potential devastating issues every home may face, a moisture control expert is what you need to ensure the job is done right.

Since they’re mostly out of sight and often out of mind, crawl spaces and attics are maintained less or neglected more than other areas of our homes. This can lead to significant moisture control problems that could cost you in the thousands. If your living area is a bit humid, your attic or crawl space is could be the same. The lack of ventilation in your attic or crawl space leads to energy inefficiency and higher bills, and potential mold growth you can’t even see. Moisture in the air and attic can also seriously damage the structural integrity of your walls, ceilings, and roofs. But the good news … it’s avoidable.

What to Expect from Fenwick Moisture Control

At TermiGuard and Fenwick, we are homeowners too. Just as we hold service contractors to the fire on our homes, we expect the same from you. But it’s not just getting the job done right, it’s what contractors do when things don’t always go according to plan and how they respond is what separates the good from the shoddy. So many contractors out there will shortchange you by using inferior materials and techniques to cut corners–while still overcharging. You can expect us to do what’s right, treat you with respect, and charge a fair price just the same way we like to be treated.
Most of all we will put your mind at ease because very quickly you’ll see we are confident in our skills and expertise. In other words, we know what we’re doing. And you don’t have to worry about any part of our signature 5 step process from inspection to follow-up. That’s not to say we’d keep you in the dark, we’re eager to share our expert knowledge so that you can make an educated decision, understand what’s happening to your house and learn the importance of moisture control.
Flooded basement
Moisture and water intrusion in the basement or crawlspace is often the root of most dampness and water problems in a house. Water coming into these areas can sometimes be hidden by stored items and lack of routine professional inspections. Hydrostatic pressure is at its peak when the surrounding soils are saturated with rainwater. It is a very strong force that can build and weaken block walls that aren’t designed or reinforced for such force. If there are cracks or vulnerabilities in your basement, we can fix them. Using things like steel reinforcing rods, carbon fiber strapping, polyurethane foams, and epoxy, we can fortify anything that needs improvement–we can even underpin footings and replace basement walls!
And crawl spaces need attention too. Almost 50 percent of the air you breathe on your first floor comes from your crawlspace. We’ll deal with any water damage or mold we find in there, then condition it with dehumidifiers and seal it up to trap moist air from getting in.
We have perimeter drainage systems to prevent water from coming in and expelling water that does come in. Drains are installed with sump pumps to capture and then pumped safely out of the basement or crawl space.
You can trust our experience and expertise to design and implement the ideal system for your house.

Smart ventilation systems are some of the most effective and least invasive ways to deal with moisture throughout a crawl space. With these systems, it’s all about setting up the proper configuration for wherever they’re installed — and you can trust our experience and expertise to design and implement the ideal system for your house. As a preferred vendor from our supplier, it’s like having an engineer on staff, designing the optimum system for you. They can go in the basement, crawlspace, attic, or anywhere ventilation may be an issue. Our low voltage system is efficient running as low as $11 per year yet extremely effective working off of dew point readings both inside the structure and outdoors.

In conjunction with the smart ventilation system, we can install sensors that measure for any water intrusion on the floor of crawl spaces and basements and unhealthy moisture levels to wood structure members at the interior. All of these are minimally invasive procedures, requiring only some low voltage wiring. You won’t even need a permit unless we install electric outlets, and in that case, we’ll do all the work for you.
Moisture resistant coatings on exterior walls like brick, stucco, and basement walls further prevent water from seeping in through the walls while coatings on the inside provide an extra level of protection for the interior of the house.

Moisture control requires expertise – to get it right. This involves years of practical experience and an understanding of building science as it relates to the physics applied to structures, building materials and their interactions, design of systems and the environmental influences that impact them all.

As clients of ours, we want you to feel free to call upon us at anytime to before during and after our installations. Some have even called us back to check the work of other contractors – unrelated to our work – to make sure things were done right!

Father and daughter enjoying their moisture-controlled home

The 5-Step Fenwick Moisture Control Process

The signature Fenwick 5-Step Process ensures that every client gets the same high level of service no matter what their job requires.

1. The Initial Consultation

Call us for an initial consultation. We’ll talk to you about your needs, whether you need help with a current problem or are just calling for preventative action. Not only will we walk you through what’s involved with a moisture control/water intrusion inspection, we’ll also educate you on how its importance will diagnose whatever water intrusion issue you are experiencing.

2. The Site Visit

A TermiGuard and Fenwick moisture control expert will inspect your house or property thoroughly looking for the root of your problems and not just the symptoms. Our experience and level of care separate us, especially in the early stages, from our competitors. We strive to impart that knowledge to our clients, so they can make the best decision for their home and family.

3. The Plan

Based on what our expert finds and what you decide, we draw up a plan of attack to remove the moisture from your home and get everything back to acceptable. This plan will take into account what damage has already been done and how to fix it, what real issue caused the moisture control problem, what your budget is and prioritize a game plan of the most pressing issues.

4. Execution

Our experts, trained in moisture control by the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI), take care of all the hard work diagnosing and assessing your moisture control problems and make sure the team of technicians arrives at your house with a solid working plan. We treat your home with the respect and care with which we treat our own homes. You’ll always have an open line of communication from our customer service team to learn more about the process and daily updates on what’s happening to your home and the status of things as we work.

5. Follow-up

Our services don’t end when the project ends. Not only will your home be inspected after the work is complete, but also we have yearly inspection and maintenance programs to continue the success of your project. Just like your car needs oil changes, your home requires routine inspection visits.