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Are you selling a home that has had previous water events or has current water infiltration or moisture issue? Do you smell a musty odor? Do you have constant, cold or allergy symptoms that never seem to go away even when you spend most of your time indoors? Do you see current signs of mold on your walls, ceilings, or furnishings but need more information and a plan of attack?
You need a NORMI (National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors) certified moisture control expert who can give you lab-tested results and a detailed blueprint for remediating the mold inside your property and a plan to keep it from returning. You need a partner with decades of experience in mold, moisture, and building science. You need TermiGuard Mold Services.
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A Proven Mold Inspection Process

At TermiGuard Mold Services, we believe in bringing every tool available to solve mold problems and the root source. Our mold inspection service usually serves as a precursor to remediation and a precise barometer for gauging the success of a remediation project, whether we conduct the remediation or not.

The Most Thorough Mold Testing

At our disposal is an array of scientifically proven, state-of-the-art tools that give our labs robust samples to find and identify mold in your home.

Our suite of tools include:

• air sample readings indoors and outdoors (as a control)
• moisture readings
• swab testing
• tape lifts
• temperature, humidity, and dew point measurements
• Inspections based on principles in building science

When you work with TermiGuard, you work with scientifically established methodologies.

Laboratory-Tested Mold Sampling

It’s important to understand that testing is just one of many tools in the mold assessment process. If you can see mold, or smell mold, testing can be part of the verification and identification process. After the team takes its readings, we send them off to a lab for extensive analysis. You will receive a copy of the lab’s results as well as an explanation of what they mean in layman’s terms from a TermiGuard Mold Services professional. Lab testing comes standard with post-remediation verification reports. When you work with TermiGuard, you work with scientifically established methodologies.

Why Get a Mold Inspection?

A proper mold inspection is the most proven way to know what exactly is infesting or affecting air quality or moisture damage to your home. If your or other occupants deal with frequent allergies or adverse reactions to the indoor environment, the exact type of mold and severity of the infestation can help their allergists make informed decisions.

A Common Medical Issue

Constant allergies can cause a wide range of medical issues, especially when the symptoms are connected to mold. The CDC reports that exposure to mold “can lead to symptoms such as stuffy nose, wheezing, and red or itchy eyes, or skin” and that severe cases can even include fatigue and fever.

With the medical evidence well-established, it’s important to suss out the sources of mold wherever possible. This includes behind walls and in crawl spaces, where moisture problems can lead to enormous mold growth completely unseen by the occupants. About 50 percent of the air on the first floor of a home circulates through the crawl space, so it’s easy for mold to enter the indoor air environment.

Mold Remediation
Only by engaging a qualified third party like TermiGuard Mold Services can sellers’ and buyers’ agents ensure that both sides trust the home is free of mold and moisture issues.

Ease the Selling Process

Real estate agents always want to soothe over any potential problem before it becomes an issue in the negotiation stage. Only by engaging a qualified third party like TermiGuard Mold Services can sellers’ and buyers’ agents ensure that both sides trust the home is free of mold and moisture issues. It’s particularly important if the property has had remediation in the past and needs a clean bill of health for everyone’s peace of mind.

End Moisture Problems for Good

Mold problems are not about simply getting rid of the mold. Mold needs several things to survive, the most important of which is water. If a home is getting enough moisture to grow mold, then there is a critical issue that needs to be dealt with. It’s not enough to find and identify the mold and build a plan to clean it, your mold inspector also needs to give you the root problem and a plan to eliminate it.

That’s why it’s crucial to call TermiGuard Mold Services for your mold inspection needs. TermiGuard’s team is certified by the National Organization of Mold Remediators and Inspectors (NORMI) and has years of experience tackling tough mold problems caused by underlying moisture problems. Whatever is causing your mold problem, we’ve dealt with it before.

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