Mole & Vole Control

Are You A Property or Home Owner?

Has Your Lawn, Yard, or Garden Suffered From The Effects
of Moles and Voles, Leaving You With An Unsightly Mess?

While moles and voles are unlike other pests – they aren’t known to cause structural damage to your home – they too cause their own damage and create other nuisances and frustrations for home and property owners.

So, what would it be worth to you to have a professional, reliable and reasonable pest control company that could relieve your worries and frustrations, while dealing with your pest issue?

Priceless right?

A scheduled routine service program is the key to controlling these critters…

You may be asking, why?

Moles and voles are recurring pests that live and thrive in nature – particularly in moist lawns and gardens in close proximity to woods and brush. To eliminate their existence entirely in nature would be impractical, and remember, they do have their balance in the ecosystem…

But, if you don’t control your mole or vole issue(s), you could create a mess for yourself!

Let’s explore that a bit further…

Moles Voles
Food Source
  • Diet consists of insects –
    Mainly earthworms and grubs, which are normally found in moist, rich soils – if you have a green thumb or have a natural
    moist lawn/yard, they’ll seek you out!
  • Diet consists of plant material –
    Mainly grasses, roots,
    plants, or flowers,
    even fruits or vegetable plants – Found in thicker areas with more ground cover – your garden or yard!
What that means for your
yard, lawn, or garden
  • Have a green thumb or a natural moist soil in your lawn? – If so…
    moles will burrow aggressively and create holes throughout your yard that look like miniature volcano mounds
  • After holes are create they’ll begin to create their intricate, uplifted 3-D tunnels all throughout your lawn
  • Depending on the species, voles will stay
    above or below ground – shallow surface tunnels or tunnels underground, but just below the surface are what they’re known to create
  • Surface tunnels will look like miniature military bunkers
  • While tunneling they’ll gnaw on tree plantings, roots, and flow bulbs
Other damages
  • May cause plant damage just by tunneling into any plant roots
    that might be in their way
  • Uplifted tunnels can create walking hazards and in general appear cosmetically unsightly
  • May burrow against or along
    your foundation – be careful, this may
    very well pose a threat for
    water penetration and leakage
    through your foundation walls

 …and these are messes you just don’t want to deal, or have time to deal with..right?

If you want to control the problem, you’ll likely want to find a trustworthy, reliable and reputable pest control company that will save you the aggravation from an attempted ‘do-it-yourself’ project…that in this case, might not work…

So while you’re shopping around for a mole/vole service provider here are some key things you’ll want to look out for…

  1. Claims that can eliminate moles and voles once and for all – impossible. The goal and right communication from any company should be reasonable control because it’s an ongoing process.
  2. Applying pesticides to kill grubs (Japanese beetle larvae) is actually a more effective way to get rid of moles – moles actually prefer the diet of earthworms
  3. Using pesticides to eliminate earthworms – earthworms are vital to creating rich, fertile and aerated lawns and gardens – you don’t want to eliminate them, they make our lawns healthy
  4. Traps are better than baiting – both can be effective, but realize trapping is more labor intensive
  5. When baiting for voles, make sure the bait stations used will safeguard against children and pets

Other than keeping your eye out for warning signs, a company should provide at least…

  • An inspection of your yard and surrounding areas of your home
  • Strategic and well designed control plans

But why settle for an average service when you really deserve all of this too…

  • For your comfort – a full time, professional customer service team along with an inspection and treatment staff who actually answer your calls, listen to your concerns and do what they say they’ll do
  • For your long term confidence – scheduled follow-ups, or yearly control plan options as needed
  • For your peace-of-mind – a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee

So, if you’ve had these issues in the past, have any of these issues now, or are worried you could in the future…

  • Uplifted pavers, brick walkways or ground patios from aggressive and intricate tunneling systems
  • Damage to plants, flowers, plant roots, or beautifully manicured lawns
  • Walking hazards (uplifted tunnels)
  • Burrowed areas against foundation

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If you have a mole or vole problem, don’t let it get out of control and leave you with an unsightly mess!

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