Moisture is the #1 Enemy to Any Structure.

Are you protecting your Family’s Health and Investment? Call Delaware Valley’s #1 Mold Inspection Service.


    The “Right Solution” for every space, on every level… to identify, fix and control all of your moisture problems.

    Fixed Fast
    Whether your issues are the results of high humidity and dewpoint, chronic condensation, leaky pipes, hidden water damage or a resulting mold infestation, after we’ve identified the root cause we will tailor a plan quickly. We will prioritize what’s needed – to fit your budget parameters – without compromising quality and warranty or the health of your family or the value of your property.
    Fixed Right
    While some companies are good at identify the cause and remediating the issues, typically they never recommend or install the needed control systems to ensure the moisture never returns in the first place. Rest assured, whatever control measure we recommend or install, it’s based off of sound building science, to create a permanent curative system.
    What good is the work you’ve contracted if the contractor doesn’t stand behind it? Rest easy…We’ve partnered with Enviroguard by Paradigm Labs to not only provide you with an ongoing system to monitor, control and continuously protect you, your family and your investment but it’s all backed with a $100,000 Continuous Protection Warranty underwritten by an A+ rated environmental insurer. It’s the perfect complement to your homeowner’s policy.
    Think you have moisture intrusion, dampness, mold or musty odors?

    Request your 175 Point Conducive Conditions Inspection.

    Moisture is the #1 Enemy to Any Structure!

    To combat moisture, it all starts with a 175 Point Conducive Conditions Inspection – a thorough inspection of every space and level of your home that not only includes a graph and photographs but moisture and psychometric readings.
    Get to know us…you’ll be glad you did… In our younger years, he taught us the value and benefits of setting high, expectations, goals, and standards for ourselves, then making commitments and practicing the discipline, determination, perseverance to see things through. Sport can be the perfect metaphor for business… No doubt it helped when we went to college – both of us had successful athletic careers (wrestling) – where we honed our ‘work hard’ mentality. Dad, who was a career Coast Guardsman, was a product of his generation, so he did all the repairs and renovations around our home (with our help, of course)… so it was probably in the cards that we’d eventually catch the ‘bug’ too. We both found our way into the services industry back in the early 80’s (Mike in Sales, Jim in Operations). We didn’t know what we didn’t know – which served us well… As fate would have it, we were both let go by our respective employers at around the same time – and since Mom had been the ultimate business owner role model (ran her own daycare) – we decided to partner in our own business. All our services are intended to aid in achieving and sustaining the ultimate levels of structural “health” for your home or building, and of the indoor air quality for you, your family or its occupants. With any structure it starts with water – and our services are designed to combat its various effects and defend against future intrusion. It starts at the heart… We’re passionate about anything we do, and we tend to run our businesses with a sense of purpose and urgency, balanced with unflinching ethics, honesty, and integrity. We treat our team members as we would want to be treated – with respect and dignity, while working to provide them with opportunities for growth and advancement. Most of our team members have been with us for many years. And what’s unique is we have fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, fathers and son-in-laws. nieces, nephews as well as brothers and sisters all working for us. We’re certainly not all related but we are family and blessed by passionate, dedicated and caring people. We are ready to serve… One of the key traits we look for when hiring is personality – you gotta’ be good natured and a good person – and you definitely need to want to roll your sleeves up and get to work… just like Mike and Jim. And the work ethic Mom and Dad instilled in us, is still the ‘standard’ on which we run our companies, and the benchmark against which we rate our customer services.

    Experience the

    • Accurate Diagnosis
    • Safe Remediation
    • Control Systems
    • Curative Measures
    • Continuous Protection
    • Always on Guard
    We are mold remediation, mold installation, and mold inspection experts serving the Delaware Valley and surrounding areas including Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia.
    Angelo L. Cherry Hill, New Jersey
    TermiGuard consistently exceeded my expectations regarding the care and treatment of my property and home. And if there is ever a need for and immediate pest service request TermiGuard is there eon the double to assist with my concerns.
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