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While ants are an irritation, the additional damage they can create is pretty much unknown to residents in New Jersey and across the country. Some types of ants do pose a threat for home damage.

TermiGuard Pest Solutions specializes in removal of all ant types. Removal can protect your home, business, and residents.

Ant Deterrence

Not all ants are a threat. In fact, having ants around your home can be beneficial. These annoying creatures kill termites, bed bugs, fleas, and other more damage inflicting pests.

Carpenter ants are a threat. This particular species has the ability to create structural damage. As they hollow out rotting wood, they weaken the structure they inhabit.

NJ Fire ants pose a different risk by getting in and stinging anyone in their way. Other types of ants include harvester ants, black ants, and the odorous house ant.

There are many species of ants and each poses their own nuisances and problems. A simple phone call and visit by a service provider can remove these pests from the premises.

Behavioral control is one easy way for you to deter ants from entering your New Jersey home or business. Store all food in sealed containers.

Thoroughly clean food related areas such as the kitchen and dining room. Take trash out daily. Clean your trash can to remove pieces of food and other attractants.

Rinse all food related containers before throwing them away. Pet dishes are also draw ants. Instead of leaving your pets food dish out all day, only put food out when needed and clean the dish when your pet is finished.

Fix leaks and remove other moisture sources from your home. Moisture allows the indoor nest to grow.

You can also make your property less appealing for external ant population control. Remove all leaves and excessive vegetation outside the building.

Do not pile wood, rocks, or any other type of clutter next to the outside walls. Mulch is an inviting item for ants, termite, and other pests. Getting rid of mulch is a great approach for deterring pests.

Aphids and scales are food for ants. Do your best to get rid of them as well. A tree limb or bush that connects with the outside walls opens the possibility of ants making their way in through windows and worn seals.

Trim these items so they do not rub against the building. These little precautions can prevent ant infestations.

Eliminating Ants

Here at TermiGuard Pest Service we care about your comfort. Our experts use combined knowledge and skills to find the nest and ensure complete removal.

The only way to rid your New Jersey home or business of an ant problem is to kill the colony. Retail chemicals can do the job, but you must know how and where to apply them for complete effectiveness.

Ant colonies are often difficult to locate. Professional knowledge and equipment can make the process much faster, less painful, and safe for family, employees, and pets.

We are able to treat ant infestations and ensure reliable, convenient results.

If you have been battling ants and just cannot seem to get rid of them, contact your local TermiGuard Pest Services location in the New Jersey area today to get dependable South Jersey ant removal services.