WARNING: The below statements are from REAL,
not ‘make believe’ TermiGuard Pest Services customers!

We’re sure you’ve seen it before, at least once…when a business writes from the ‘me’ perspective?

We’re not talking about that ‘meet n greet’, ‘about us’, first time introduction type conversation. We mean the ‘why should you choose us’ type conversation.

Like this…”We’ve been in business for 30 years…”, “We have the most state-of-the-art equipment out there…”, “We’re the most skilled and qualified service provider around…”

Chest pounding, blah-dee, blah-dee, blah…BORING!

See, what we’re trying to say is, what they (the other ‘guys’ out there) don’t realize is, it’s not all about them, and instead it’s about YOU!

So when it comes time for that ‘why should you choose us’ conversation, we promise never to bore you (or pound our chest).

Instead, we’d rather you hear it straight outta the mouths of our very own TermiGuard Pest Services ‘family’…

“TermiGuard has consistently exceeded my expectations regarding the care and treatment of my property and home. And if there is ever a need for an immediate pest service request, TermiGuard is there on the double to assist with my concerns.”

Angelo Iossa
Cherry Hill, NJ


“For me personally, the most compelling reason I chose your company was personal attention with zero pressure. Having an effective and affordable pest control plan is an important part of maintaining a home but along with cost, a significant factor for me was feeling like my concerns were addressed and everything was explained well in advance so I felt I could make an informed decision without once feeling pressured. So many of the “big name” companies give you partial info at best and basically force you into a contract without giving you much to work with. That was huge for me.

We are very happy so far and I look forward to a happy bug free future!”

Tracey Markovsky
Marlton, NJ


“TermiGuard’s Yard Guard Program is a welcome solution for my mosquito problems. Prior to the first application, I was unable to do any yard work on my property without being surrounded by swarms of mosquitoes and being bitten numerous times despite my use of several other repellents. Since the first application of the Yard Guard repellent, the swarms of mosquitoes are gone and I have not gotten a single bite.

I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a solution to their mosquito problems.”

Jackie Iacono

Voorhees, NJ


” Yard Guard allows me to enjoy my garden and yard without personally being mosquito food. I’ve politely bowed out of friends’ request for gatherings at their homes and invited them to mine, where I can enjoy their company without the annoyance of mosquitoes. YardGuard and Termiguard results in no worries and a fun relaxing summer for myself and my family! Mahalo Terimiguard!”

Julie Taylor
Medford, NJ

“Thank you – TermiGuard’s the best! Would refer to anyone I know that needs an inspection!”

Ashley M. Lee
Somerdale, NJ


“Your on-site person who called me was very nice and had answers to my questions. He is a really good representative for your company.”

Peggy Littleton
Haddonfield, NJ


“I was just wondering how it is that you hire the guys that work for you? Because everyone that comes out to my house is just as nice as the one before if not nicer. The girls in the office are very sweet also. Thank you so very much….keep up the great work!!!”

Lisa Longyard
Mt. Laurel, NJ


“Just a quick note to let you know how satisfied we were with our latest treatment. The technician that came to our home did a very good job with the application. It was focused and I really appreciate your taking the time with me on the phone to handle my concerns.”

Beth Turner
Lumberton, NJ


“Just a quick note to say how great you all are and a special thanks to my favorite service person. He is always polite, professional and personable. Even though I only see him every few months, he always asks how my kids are and always has a big smile. Last time he came – he was all done with my service and was doing paperwork in his truck and I had just pulled in. He took the time to get out of his car to double check with me if there was anything specific/problems he could address inside the house. Many thanks and let your management know that he is one to keep.”

Rose Gratz
Cherry Hill, NJ


“Your service representative has been here to my condo on two occasions.  I felt I would be remiss if I didn’t write to you to say what an outstanding young man he is – an excellent representation of your company; courteous, thorough, careful, helpful and pleasant.

We are all too quick to complain. Everyone here has nothing but praise for him. I thought it was important to write this letter of commendation.”

June Souder
Linwood, NJ


“Sorry it’s taken so long to write this note but I did want your company to know how pleased I have been over the years with Termiguard’s service. The inspectors are professional and polite. I never call to remind you of checkups; if anything, you call me. I recommend your company highly.”

Rose Gratz
Cherry Hill, NJ


“Many times you hear complaints, this time I would like to leave a compliment on your employee. The service he gave me on the date he was here was outstanding. So many times I miss service people by minutes on my way home from work because they are in a hurry or don’t give me enough time to get homewith traffic.

I contacted your receptionist and told her my lunch hour was 1-2 pm because I did not want to lose a lot of time from work. I got out at 1:00 pm and I have a 6 mile drive to the house.  Your employee was there waiting in the driveway ready to go. I was so grateful that he waited for me and didn’t disappear because I was not home yet (as this has happened to me many times before with customer service people.

I let him in the house, he did the job and I was back to work by 2:07 pm. While he was there, he was polite and social. Also, very concerned about my cat and asked me ahead of time if there were any places I didn’t want sprayed. The pantry with food in it I told him to skip and he did.

So please give your employee recognition of a job well done. It is so nice to have the customer service person here without any problems and that I appreciate it as a customer. Many times companies, even doctors, do not realize that my time is money too.”

Diane M. Stevens
Deptford, NJ


“Your technician stopped by to service the house this morning. He always provides great service. He is a very nice and very personable. Please let his manager know I think he does a great job.”

Adam Jaffe
Cherry Hill, NJ


“I have always been extremely satisfied with the level of service my family receives from TermiGuard. The representatives that come out to our home are continuously punctual, courteous, experienced and professional. It is always a pleasure doing business with you.”

Beth Tucker
Lumberton, NJ


“THANK YOU! We’ve had our service contract with your for some time now, and would like to compliment you on your exceptionally polite, responsive, knowledgeable staff! Everyone, from the office staff t the many exterminators sent to our home to provide service have been terrific. We’ve never had a problem that wasn’t taken care of promptly. You must be doing something right!”

Marcia and Joel Toub
Cherry Hill, NJ


“Thank you for doing such a professional job for my mom. You made what was a very stressful situation for her-one that was done with care and consideration.”

Barbara Vena
Lumberton, NJ


“I was a long time customer of your season guard program at my old house. We recently  moved and had a baby and I am interested in signing up again but would like to know what is in those magic spray cans you guys used to keep my old house so gloriously pest-free. I tried to find the info on your website but had no luck. Please let me know at your earliest convenience – the bugs are starting to creep in! Also, does it cover gypsy moths?”

Jennifer Parks
Voorhees, NJ


“I am writing you to tell you how wonderful your expert technician is. First of all, whenever he comes over to work at our home, he always cares about the requests we’ve made. He’s on time and very efficient. He asks specific questions, and I always learn something new about insects and the little critters that live outside of our home and trying to get in.

He came today because I’d seen something that looked like a roach and a cockroach with long skinny arms or a cousin of the roach family. Your technician never makes me feel stupid or your questions and concerns insignificant. He listens attentively and sincerely to my concerns and unsophisticated weird way of trying to describe this bug. I found out that it was most likely a wood roach; that with all the fallen leaves and quick changes in the weather they tend to become more prevalent. I had never heard of a wood roach before and I live in the woods. It made me feel so good to have him listen to my concerns instead of just coming in, spraying and leaving. I can tell he loves his job and what he’s doing, and it makes me appreciate the service I am paying for.”

Annie Blackson-Apple
Voorhess, NJ


“More often than not people go out of their way to make formal complaints. This afternoon, your technician arrived at my house for a job concerning the mice that are trespassing in the garage and basement of my domicile. He arrived within the 2 hour window your front office gave me. The technician was extremely polite and professional from the time he got there up until he left. I explained the situation and told him what I would like him to do so the mice will go away as soon as possible and stay away. He knew exactly what needed to be done and executed in a timely manner. It is my opinion that your technician is a knowledgeable, polite and professional employee. Termiguard is lucky to have him.”

John J. Karbiwnyk
Marlton, NJ


“Further to my conversation of yesterday, I wish to compliment Termiguard fro the incredibly professional job that they performed for us at our home.

Not only did your 2 technicians take great care with our property – they were methodical, organized and extremely pleasant! It made such a tough job that much easier to deal with. They were very helpful to discuss other potential issues and problems and we were able to determine other alternatives to eliminate the problem.

It’s a pleasure to work with a company like yours – being able to have confidence in the work being done is paramount.”

Susan Gunn
Philadelphia, PA


“Your employee is the best! The front office was also very helpful with the various scheduling adjustments.”

Tom & Patt Hare
Medford, NJ