Pest Control Services

Indoor Pest Control Worker

Pest Control

Our pest control programs can range from one-time treatments to customized scheduled visits that cover up to 50 general pests. Our three pest control programs are the top-of-the-line defense for your home. The TG Basic plan includes unlimited callbacks and termite monitoring.

Commercial Pest Control

South Jersey property and business owners have trusted TermiGuard Services for years to protect their investments. We offer unlimited callbacks with a team of qualified pest control experts.

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Termite Control

Our yearly termite inspections give you peace of mind that your home is protected, no matter what the season. We tailor our inspection and treatment plans to meet your needs. 


Moles are a menace that can create unsightly runs and destroy your plants. Our MoleGuard program gets rid of moles and the voles that come with them through targeted fogging and baiting, with several follow-up visits throughout the year.

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Ant Control

Receive a free ant evaluation, where our technican will customize a control plan specific to your distinctive setting. Year after year, ants are the primary nuisance due to their intelligence, versatility, and tendency to inhabit your residence for the same trio of reasons: sustenance, hydration, and refuge. Don’t stand for it anymore!

Flea Extermination

Fleas feast on your loved ones and pets, increasing the risk of illness. TermiGuard’s secure solutions, meticulously transform your home into a flea-free sanctuary for you and your family and your pets.


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Mosquito Control

Safeguard your loved ones against the top global carrier of insect-borne illnesses with our mosquito management plan. We employ harmless substances and strategic positioning to address your mosquito issues, avoiding indiscriminate fogging throughout your premises.


Tick Control

Our routine pest assessments keep your tick numbers in check, ensuring you have zero from concerns about the illnesses they transmit. Bid farewell to anxiety over your children or pets frolicking in the garden and relish the tranquility our yard protector plan provides.

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Yellow Jacket & Hornet Extermination

Wasps, hornets, yellowjackets, and similar stinging pests threaten the safety of your loved ones. Don’t tolerate their presence! Contact us for a free evaluation and discover how we can liberate you from these stinging nuisances, backed by a satisfaction guarantee. 

Cockroach Extermination

Our free consultation will pinpoint the specific species of roach and also find any favorable circumstances that might have encouraged their unwanted arrival. Act swiftly to prevent a minor infestation from escalating into a major problem.


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Rodent Control

Are there sounds coming from the walls? Spotting droppings near the baseboards? It’s possible you’re facing a rodent issue. Avoid allowing mice and rats to infest your living space and introduce illnesses. Reach out to us for a no-cost rodent examination and receive professional advice on your rodent concerns.


Spider Extermination

Our complimentary spider evaluation will pinpoint trouble spots, assess the severity of your spider issue, and outline the most effective route to a spider-free residence. Contact us now to swiftly eliminate your spider troubles!


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