Free Initial Commercial Pest Inspection

  • Certified, industry-leading pest control experts
  • Unlimited callbacks
  • Customized commercial service packages


    What We Offer

    Pest Inspection

    Our complimentary initial pest inspection will identify what kind of infestation your commercial property is dealing with and the full extent of the problem. Getting a complete picture of the foe you’re facing is the first step to reclaiming your property from the invading pests.

    Pest Treatment

    Our experts develop a custom solution to your specific pest problem that not only rids you of the current infestation, but puts you in position to keep the pests away for good. Termiguard technicians always  get the job done on-time and within the agreed-upon budget. 


    Pest control is never a “one and done” proposition. Nature always comes back. You need a proactive plan to deter pests from coming back to your commercial property. Our custom maintenance plans will keep your business up and running pest-free for as long as we partner together.

    Why us?

    The Termiguard team is passionate about keeping your buildings healthy. We’ve been trusted by South Jersey business and investment property owners for years because our team of professional technicians know how to reliably tackle pest problems while staying on-budget and on-schedule.

     The Termiguard team is skilled in dealing with a range of pests, including: 

    • termites
    • carpenter ants
    • carpenter bees
    • wood-borer beetles
    • mosquitoes
    • fleas
    • ticks
    • spiders
    • roaches
    • and more