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    A mole or vole infestation can ruin your lawn, decimate your landscape and devour your plants. As a concerned homeowner, you know the frustration of having an invasive pest burrow under your property, raise the soil into mounds and destroy it from the ground up.

    It is quite surprising how much damage these little creatures can cause to your landscaping. From posing tripping hazards and killing paths of grass or unwanted visitors damaging your gardens it is much easier and cheaper to deal with the problem before it escalates to larger issues. Moles and voles are recurrent creatures, so they cannot be immediately exterminated from your lawn, but their presence can be managed safely. If left untreated, however, moles and voles can take over your lawn and become a nuisance and a safety concern. TermiGuard Pest Services offers excellent, qualified, and experienced pest control experts that you can count on to do the job right.

    Our MoleGuard maintenance program including mapping of runs, identification of active ones, fogging, baiting, and a series of follow-up visits. Usually it’s two per month during the heavy season. We use our 4-Step Process to guarantee success. Our program works so well that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our yearly control plans make sure these rodents stay under control and are eradicated once they infest.

    Our team, all-together, has over 100 years of pest control experience. With well over 20 years of service and over 100,000 inspections, we offer to you the confidence and experience you should expect. We know what we are doing, and we are comfortable with our jobs. 

    What are Moles and Voles and How Do They Destroy Your Property?

    Moles and voles are small rodents that like to live underground. They prefer warm, moist environments near shrubs, bushes, and trees. While moles and voles play a vital role in our ecosystem, they can also be recurrent pests that can cause larger problems for your home and landscaping. The moles burrow through your landscape, and voles follow their runs 

    Food Source

    Moles primarily eat insects, such as earthworms and grubs, that live in warm, moist environments. Earthworms tend to appear in fertile soil.

    How can I tell they are infesting my landscaping?

    You can tell there is a mole living in your area if you see holes around your lawn that look like mini volcanoes. After moles dig their holes, they start to create tunnels underground, which you can see from the top of your lawn. Frequent watering and high humidity make an infestation more likely.

    How can they damage my landscaping?

    When moles create their underground tunnels, they can damage the subterranean roots of your plants — flowers, vegetables, and shrubs. These tunnels are also safety hazards for people walking on the lawn, and they are generally take away from your landscaping.

    Food Source

    Voles tend to eat most plants, such as grass, roots, vegetables, and fruits.

    How can I tell they are infesting my landscaping?

    If you have a lot of plants in your garden, you are more likely to have voles. They prefer thick areas, such as areas with a lot of soil and mulch. Voles can be found above or below ground, but they typically burrow underneath the surface; their burrows tend to look like miniature military bunkers. While they are tunneling, voles will gnaw on roots, bulbs, and shrubs. Voles often follow moles, so it is highly likely that a mole infestation will lead to a vole infestation.

    How can they damage my landscaping?

    Voles can eat through your vegetable garden, destroying all of the hard work you put into that piece of your landscaping. Voles are voracious eaters and are often mistaken for field mice. Voles eat from the root up often leaving the stalk of the plant alone, tetering in the soil.

    TermiGuard Pest Services Eliminates Moles and Voles the Right Way

    Moles and voles are recurrent creatures, so they oftentimes cannot be completely exterminated from your lawn. Managing an infestation takes time and patience, as it is an ongoing process. From the initial consultation to our proper, frequent inspection and identification, TermiGuard Pest Services provides a thorough and effective way to manage your mole and vole infestation.

    Mole burrowing out of mole hill

    You may find many mole control companies who will tell you that pesticides can eliminate moles by eliminating grub worms. While it is true that pesticides CAN kill grubs (Japanese beetle larvae), which are a food source for moles, pesticides for grubs won’t get the job done. The moles’ primary food source is the earthworm, so eliminating grubs does not solve the problem. Here at TermiGuard Pest Services, we do our best to solve the root of the problem. Furthermore, using unnecessary pesticides can damage the delicate ecosystem of your garden and landscape.

    Some companies will try to eradicate the earthworms in your landscape to keep the moles from coming back, but this is a critical mistake. Earthworms are vital to maintaining rich, fertile, and aerated soil for your plants. They keep the soil healthy by breaking down organic matter for nutrients and by allowing for an adequate amount of water and air into the soil. Eradicating earthworms can be dangerous to the ecosystem of your garden, so it is important that you find an alternative and safe method of dealing with moles.

    Eradicating earthworms can be dangerous to the ecosystem of your garden, so it is important that you find an alternative and safe method of dealing with moles.
    We also have competitors who sing the praises of trapping. While there is a lot of merit to trapping, it is certainly not the most cost effective method for eliminating moles and voles. For one, trapping can create a safety hazard for families with young children and pets, who can get injured by traps. Furthermore, trapping is very labor-intensive, so it can be quite and expense to maintain.
    Don’t be fooled by fly-by-night pest control or mole control companies who will leave you paying twice for a job done poorly. You need assurances that your property will be guarded from these pests now and in the future.
    • We offer many solutions without pressuring you to choose any of them!
      We have a lot of experience in the field of insect and rodent extermination, so we can recommend the best solutions for you and your particular mole or vole infestation. That being said, we never want to pressure you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. We are homeowners, too, and we know how important this problem is. So, we want to make sure your comfort and peace-of-mind are our priorities.
    • We solve the root of the problem!
      We will never leave a job incomplete. We understand the severity of mole and vole infestations, and we want you to have peace-of-mind. We do not want you to feel stressed later on because the job was left incomplete. Therefore, we will always do our best to solve the root of your problem. If you are ever dissatisfied, we offer a 100% guarantee.
    • We have experience!
      With well over 20 years of service and over 100,000 inspections, we offer to you the confidence and experience you should expect. That means we know what we are doing, and we are comfortable with our jobs.
    • We offer follow-up visits.
      Once we complete the initial job, we do not just leave you hanging. We make sure that we are always available to our clients, so if you want us to come back, we will do so happily. We want to ensure that you are happy with the finished product.
    Susan G.
    Philadelphia, PA
    “Not only did your 2 technicians take great care with our property – they were methodical, organized and extremely pleasant! It made such a tough job that much easier to deal with. They were very helpful to discuss other potential issues and problems and we were able to determine other alternatives to eliminate the problem.

    It’s a pleasure to work with a company like yours – being able to have confidence in the work being done is paramount.”

    What to Expect from TermiGuard Pest Services’ MoleGuard program

    Each home is different, and each mole or vole infestation problem is different, so it is important that whatever company you choose does initial and consistent inspections. Mole and vole infestations are recurrent, so inspections also need to line up with that. The inspection should be thorough, not only including the immediate and obvious area of infestation, but also surrounding areas.
    Little girl happy about her mole and vole-free yard

    At TermiGuard Pest Services, in addition to the initial consultation, we offer regularly scheduled service visits. That means that we come back frequently and consistently, all included in the membership cost. We understand the importance of proper maintenance and inspection, and so we do everything in our power to ensure that you are happy and have peace-of-mind.

    A “one-and-done” approach does not work with moles and voles because these pests are recurrent nuisances. The solution takes care, consideration, and lots of planning. The strategic plan is important for both your peace-of-mind and long-term control of the pests. The goal is to ensure that we can limit the damage that moles and voles cause your landscaping. With our decades of experience, we know the best plans and methods to eliminate moles and voles from your lawn.

    The TermiGuard Pest Services 4-Step Process

    1. The Initial Consultation

    We assess the problem and determine some options for solving the problem. We educated and try to pass our knowledge on to you because we believe an informed client will make the best decisions.

    2. Build a Plan

    This step requires a site visit, where we map out the mole runs and create a plan of attack that targets the active ones. From there we will tailor a control program, based on time of year, current pressures and the goals that you provided us in the initial consultation.

    3. Execute the Plan

    Once we separate the main active runs from the foraging runs, the plan starts. We typically do a two-pronged baiting and fogging approach, which kills most, if not all, of the rodents.

    4. Follow-up

    Fogging and baiting once is not the solution to your problems. We come back to your home in 48 hours to do a follow-up, where we determine whether the treatment worked. We further follow-up twice a month during peak seasons, spring and summer. If we determine that you have both moles and voles, we will always address the mole problem first, as voles tend to follow moles. When we get rid of moles, we can more than likely get rid of the voles, too.

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