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Interior Pest Control

As homeowners ourselves, we know no one likes discovering they have a pest problem. What makes this problem even worse though are the untrustworthy contractors that have damaged the reputation of our industry. Pest control and sanitation is a necessary part of regular house upkeep, and TermiGuard aims to make it as upfront and easy as possible.

We start by respecting both you and your home. TermiGuard does not work for 15 minutes, stick you with a bill, and call it a day. Each program option we provide for interior pest protection comes with free initial consultations and unlimited callbacks. That means you can contact us any time you have a problem so we can address it immediately.

Termiguard employee spraying kitchen for pests
Our team is uniformed, experienced and professional. We think educating our clients is how to best serve them. Rather than showing up and spreading or spray products around haphazardly, we are exacting in our methods. Our technicians know exactly where to look and what to look for. After our techs execute the plan you chose for your home, you’ll receive information about what they found and what they did about. Everything above the table.

We follow a 4-Step System. Our system helps keep all of our pest management programs on track, and it keeps you informed as well. After the free consultation, we help you select a plan, our technicians execute it, and then setup a follow-up with a phone call. It sounds simple because it is. By paying attention, regularly scheduling visits and following through, we can prevent your pest issues from spreading, or even from beginning at all.

By paying attention, regularly scheduling visits and following through, we can prevent your pest issues from spreading, or even from beginning at all.

Don’t let your home’s pest control needs go unchecked. Pest stress, damage to your home, reductions in the property value, and health concerns can and do happen. Not to mention, they can make the space that’s supposed to be a haven for you uncomfortable or even unlivable.

Read below about what TermiGuard has to offer. No matter your needs, we have the right plan for you. Contact us today to get started and say goodbye to your pest worries forever!


Our SeasonGuard program is a multi-visit, multi-treatment plan. This ongoing protection plan covers 30 different household pests including mice. And, unlike our one-time Interior Protection option, SeasonGuard covers the outside of your home as well. We inspect, re-evaluate and reapply every other month for you for a total of 6 applications. And with unlimited call backs – why shop anywhere else?
Successful pest control for your home

Following our 4-Step TermiGuard Process, we begin your plan with a startup visit. With all of our programs, we want to establish a history on the property. We start on the outside, walking around the perimeter of the foundation, and perform an inspection to identify any pests issues and or conducive pest conditions. We knock down cobwebs at porches and eves, set monitoring stakes at the four foundation locations and apply the right product for a proactive defense.

Inside, we focus on basements, crawlspaces, bathrooms, and kitchens, garages and attics (All of the usual entry points for common household pests). We also set up mice stations and monitoring boards so we can identify any activity and if you might need a follow-up visit to address any issues.

SeasonGuard is not just an occasional application; SeasonGuard is a system. We even look at how you store and dispose of your garbage as this may affect the types of pests you deal with. We’ll identify any red flags and put them in your customer history log so we can track the progress of treatments, and chart any developments as they happen.

Prevention is key. and the system itself is made up of follow-up inspections and applications. But we interview you, inspect the inside and outside of the home thoroughly, and establish a history all in an effort to prevent pests from spreading, or becoming a problem in the first place.
We even look at how you store and dispose of your garbage as this may affect the types of pests you deal with.
At the end of every visit, the tech assigned to you follows up with a phone call or an email. Our professional will explain what was found, and what was done in response. We provide you with unlimited callbacks, so we can address your problem immediately. SeasonGuard is the new standard for pest control.

SeasonGuard Plus: Our Most Comprehensive Plan

SeasonGuard Plus is TermiGuard’s most comprehensive protection system. SeasonGuard Plus covers over 50 general pests that can disrupt or destroy your home. It is an ongoing pest protection service with unlimited follow-up calls. It covers the outside and inside of your home, and we keep you informed every step of the way.
Wood destroyed by insects
There are a couple of key added services when you upgrade to SeasonGuard Plus. The first is the additional 20+ pest types it covers. Inside, TermiGuard will now address pests as disruptive as fleas, all the way down to fruit flies which are more of a distraction than anything else.

Most importantly, SeasonGuard Plus also includes wood-destroying insects, such as termites, carpenter bees, and carpenter ants. While our regular SeasonGuard system does monitor for termites, if anything is found you will have to purchase additional treatments. But not with SeasonGuard Plus and that’s the beauty of it.

This pest control system covers you for termite, carpenter bee and carpenter ant infestations completely. The provided yearly termite inspections is a $200 dollar value just in itself. And if we find termite damage or infestation after our initial inspection, you are covered up to $75,000 in damage repair or treatment costs. This plan is built to keep your property safe long-term without gouging your pocket with additional pest treatment costs other companies won’t cover.
if we find termite damage or infestation after our initial inspection, you are covered up to $75,000 in damage repair or treatment costs.

As always, we start with a full inspection. Because of the added pests SeasonGuard Plus covers, this typically takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours. We start outside, checking the foundation as well as doors, windows, and trash receptacles. We work our way inward and focus on common entry points like garages, crawlspaces, bathrooms, and kitchens. Our team is thorough and will take time to interview you and create a property history. Your first termite inspection takes place at this time, beginning to record and establish a history report on the property.

Our aim with SeasonGuard Plus is to give you comprehensive protection and simplify the often over-complicated termite and wood-destroying insect control process. With all of the noise and pests not covered that you’ll hear from 99% of other pest control companies, TermiGuard offers a trustworthy alternative. Contact us today so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with total pest control coverage without the surprise costs of pest treatments not covered.
D Baker
New Jersey

Great service from beginning to end. Communication, estimates, scheduling, and work performed were all A+. Construction team was outstanding with a great work ethic. Polite, on time, professional. I never saw them sitting around and they were all business. It was a pleasure working with Termiguard.

TermiGuard’s Interior Pest Control Raises the Standard

Our Interior Pest Control option is a one-time service for your home. If you don’t want, or aren’t quite ready, to use one of our SeasonGuard programs, this is the option for you. Even for a one-time visit, you still deserve to have a trustworthy pest control company guiding you through the process. And with a one time service, you’ll get to test drive our company and customer service.
Termiguard employee helping customer figure out their interior pest control problems.
You may already know what the problem is, or maybe you need our help figuring it out. Either way, TermiGuard’s team of professionals can help. We do thorough inspections and interview our clients. Ants are the No. 1 pest we treat for by far. That said, there are plenty of common invaders we often see such as roaches, crickets, centipedes, pill bugs, beetles, and earwigs. There may be moisture issues or points of entry that you haven’t spotted that are attracting these pests. Whatever the issue, we will find the source and address it.
We take time to educate our clients on why they’re having pest issues and to what degree. TermiGuard does more than the typical 15 minute walk through other companies provide. This would be tantamount to shoddy service work. We do not just randomly or haphazardly apply product to a home and walk away — that is irresponsible, a waste of money, and below our quality standards.

While we do recommend using a more comprehensive program like SeasonGuard or Seasonguard Plus (best value), the Interior Pest Control visit provides a tailored treatment for your home. Experience what goes into a true pest treatment service, with true professionals.

Call 609-601-9400 for more information about our Interior Pest Control option.

The TermiGuard 4-Step Process

1. The Initial Consultation

Once you contact us, we begin evaluating your property’s needs, listen to your concerns and identify your goals. This includes an interview to establish property history and find potential entry points early.

2. Build a Plan

Once we determine what your home’s particular needs are, we explain your options. A team member will talk it over with you to determine which plan of action is right for your property or we will schedule a pest inspection to closely look at your situation an accurately find the issue.

3. Execute the Plan

Next, our technicians will execute the plan you’ve chosen with precision and professionalism. Our technicians take pride in their work, and give every client, and every home, the respect they deserve.

4. Follow-up

The follow-up isn’t the next appointment, it’s the end of the first appointment. We want to see how your home is responding to our treatments so we can make any necessary adjustments as we go.

Why TermiGuard?

We are aware of the reputation some pest control contractors have given our field. That’s exactly why we’re here. TermiGuard wants to provide homeowners with the experience they deserve. Whether you need help with an existing pest issue, or you want to prevent an issue from starting, the easiest part of the process should be talking to the people working to keep your home clean and safe and educate you along the way.

Every step of the way, TermiGuard offers you nothing but respect and honesty. From our interviews, to the inspections, to the technicians that execute your chosen plan and follow up, you’ll be glad you’re not dealing with another shady pest control contractor again. You deserve better, and that’s what we offer or your money back—guaranteed.

Schedule your free initial consultation today!

Rose G.
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
“Just a quick note to say how great you all are and a special thanks to my favorite service person. He is always polite, professional and personable. Even though I only see him every few months, he always asks how my kids are and always has a big smile. Last time he came – he was all done with my service and was doing paperwork in his truck and I had just pulled in. He took the time to get out of his car to double check with me if there was anything specific/problems he could address inside the house. Many thanks and let your management know that he is one to keep.”