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No Worries Termite Care Plan

It’s one of homeowners’ greatest fears: termites or other wood-destroying insects. The silent predators can devour your home from the inside out, and their effects might not be seen until it’s too late to stop the worst of the damage.

There is no magic bullet for protecting your property from termites. These pests are voracious and unrelenting. You need a plan and a team.

At TermiGuard, we tackle your potential termite problems methodically with our 4 Step Process. After your free initial consultation, we set up a termite control plan that’s right for you and our technicians put it into motion. Then we diligently follow up to ensure the pests don’t return.

Jim and Mike Allen, owners of Termiguard Pest Control

We pride ourselves on educating our clients on the finer points of termite eradication so they can make the best decisions for their property. In the end, you will have a complete set of documents on our yearly inspections, treatment applications and graphs showing activity past and present, repair documentation and an unlimited retreatment protection plan for live infestation and any possible damages, which is transferable to new buyers.

Hiring a professional, a true one-stop provider, will save you time & money and ensure the quality of work and no loss of data!

Consider a company that can not only inspect, identify, and treat for wood-destroyers but can also assess and repair their damage. Not just the basics (like doubling up floor joists [sistering] to fix a sagging floor), rather one with the expertise to deal with all sorts of damage, from basic to structural and full restoration of finish building materials.

It isn’t just structural repairs – carpenter bees create nuisance-type damage requiring cosmetic repairs – which most contractors are to busy to fix, or they simply don’t want to.

Don’t let your home fall victim to a preventable pest. Call the termite experts to set up your recurring termite prevention plan and stop worrying about your home.

Recurring Termite Control

One-time treatments generally aren’t enough to keep termites at bay. If you just treat the ones you currently have, that more doesn’t mean more won’t follow at another point in time or at another location of your house. The only useful defense against termites is a comprehensive and recurring yearly inspection regimen.

Termites can and do re-infest homes that have been treated in the past. Especially if the underlying issues that led to the infestation haven’t been addressed. These can include a mix of building design, soil type, property maintenance practices, moisture content and pest biology, of course.

The termite control plan begins with an inspection. We figure out what your current termite issues are and if they’ve been present in the past, gathering as much evidence as we can for each phase. We create graphs and reports to set baselines for your property and keep a record of the issues we find for the next technician who inspects it.

After the inspection, we tailor your treatment regimen to your property’s specific needs. As a member of the No Worries Termite Care Plan, any treatment that’s required is no cost to you. Preventative measures often include a liquid termiticide in the soil around the property to create a treated zone around the exterior of the foundation. We set up special stakes or monitoring stations outside the property to give our technicians a quick check of termite activity in future inspections.

If live termites are found in your home, we can bait, inject and spray with non-repellent products, so the insects bring the product back to part of the colony killing the whole colony over a very short period of time. While the property is being treated, we evaluate what repairs need to be made and carry them through, typically after treatment has been performed.

Man Inspecting termite-damaged wood

We return to inspect our No Worries Termite Care Plan members’ homes 4 times a year. Each time we inspect those stations and the exterior of the home, and one of those visits will be a full inspection of the home. If we identify termites at any of those visits we do localized treatments as necessary.

Once you are certified termite-free and with our preventative measures in place, we can cover you with our unlimited retreatment protection, which is transferrable and renewable. 

When you’re a No Worries Termite Care Plan member, you get annual inspections that renew automatically. We use our past data to inform our future termite control plans. We give our members free unlimited callbacks as needed.

Termite Damage Restoration

If termites have eaten their way into your home, you’ll need structural and cosmetic repairs as soon as you get rid of the infestation. TermiGuard can restore your property to working order and make it look as great as the day you moved in.
Man spraying kitchen for termites.
Here is a sampling of the termite repair services we can provide:

  • FREE analysis & estimate
  • Design & engineering services available
  • Inspect & replace (as required) beams, headers, rafters, joists, studs, plates, sill plates, etc.
  • Repair attic trusses & rafters (as required)
  • Fully restore walls, ceilings, floors, etc.
  • Remove heating, plumbing, & electrical systems, as required
  • Repair damage to trims, fascia/gable trim, wood siding, desks, etc.

Eliminate the hassle and headache of dealing with multiple contractors by having TermiGuard treat your infestation and repair the damage all in one.

One-Time Treatments

We generally do not recommend one-time termite treatments. However, if you’re experiencing a termite infestation and you need quick relief while you decide on your long-term plans, we can certainly help.

The standalone treatments come with the same complete inspection of the home, and you will get the same graphs and reports that we give our No Worries Termite Care Plan members, so you can pass that information on to the next owner of the house.

Termite inspection of kitchen by man and homeowner.

TG Plus

You get our yearly termite inspection (a $200 value itself), and you are covered for unlimited retreatment protection, which is transferrable and renewable.

Our TG Plus service also includes termite protection. The program is our most comprehensive, covering over 50 pests, including wood-destroyers like termites, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees.

The TG Plus system covers the inside of your home by guarding against outdoor threats. You get our yearly termite inspection (a $200 value itself), and you are covered for unlimited retreatment protection, which is transferrable and renewable.

Wrapping termite control into interior control just makes good sense, and it’s why our TG Plus program has remained one of our most popular offerings for decades.

Real Estate Certifications

Have a home that needs to sell on a deadline? Thinking about selling and want to be proactive and have an unlimited retreatment protection in place prior to selling? Or are you a new buyer and want to ensure your new home is rigorously inspected? We work quickly and comprehensively to get your property either on the market or to the closing table with certainty about its termite status.

We work with buyers, sellers, mortgage companies, and Realtors to provide them peace of mind about the important assets that they’re depending on.

Protect real estate investments from termites

Our pre-sales inspections can catch problems before you buy or assure skittish buyers that the property isn’t hiding some unseen damage. If you’re a mortgage firm with a refinancing proposal on the table, you need to make sure the asset is actually worth what you’re being told it’s worth. If you’re a Realtor, you need a partner who understands the importance of hitting a deadline and documentation and avoiding any liablity after the sale.


Whoever you are, our real estate certifications give you peace of mind. Plus, they come with an unlimited retreatment protection, which is transferable to the new buyer. If we find termites, we can treat quickly to keep your deal from getting derailed.

And remember, if we find termite damage in the property, we can handle the structural and cosmetic repairs in-house so you don’t have to sub-contract it out.

The 4-Step Termite Control Process

1. The Initial Consultation

We can knock out Step 1 today! Call us now to get an interview with a member of our leadership team. We’ll check out your property and establish a history so we can give you an estimate.

2. Build a Plan

Once we figure out what your property’s needs are, we create a termite care plan that’s specific to you. We always try to educate our clients on termites to help them in these decisions.

3. Execute the Plan

Then, our technicians execute the plan, be it a thorough inspection and creation of documents or a full-on termite eradication program. Our technicians are respectful of our clients’ properties.

4. Follow-up

We don’t stop just because the inspection is over. We follow up with our clients to make sure they’re satisfied, and our No Worries Termite Care Plan includes 4 visits per year.

Termite control can get a bad rap from some less-than-savory operators out there, looking to prey on your fears and overcharge you. We’ve stayed in business since 1997 because we build trust with our clients. We have a satisfaction guarantee!

So schedule your free initial consultation today.