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Exterior Pest Control

An outdoor pest problem can drive a homeowner crazy, particularly if they garden, are pool enthusiasts or grill and entertain. When your yard is overrun by insects, like ticks, gnats, and mosquitoes or fleas, you just can’t enjoy it. You spend a lot of time, effort, and money getting your property in the shape you want it, so it’s very frustrating to deal with an invading horde. Plus pests like ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas carry with them disease to boot they can surely create concern with pets and kids.

The longer you wait to treat a pest problem, the bigger it grows and harder it is to control. Any pest control company can power spray and be in and out of your property. But what did they treat and where did they treat? This is not a one-and-done haphazard treatment. And more importantly it all starts with education, stressing the do’s and don’ts others fail to recognize. We will interview you and carefully inspect your property to determine your needs, desires and goals, and then develop a customized plan that targets your specific pests and works around your property’s topography.

The longer you wait to treat a pest problem, the bigger it grows and harder it is to control.
Termiguard & Fenwick Work Van
The TermiGuard team has dealt with hundreds of outdoor pest cases throughout the years, so we know what to look for to help make sure your pest problem gets treated in an effective manner. Our competitors will say that they can get rid of all the pests on your property in one treatment, but this just isn’t true. When talking about pest control, you’re also talking about nature. Nature is unpredictable, and it would be a lie to say we can eliminate everything. It’s about minimizing risk and gaining practical control.
We’re not in the extermination business to make a quick buck by saying we can do the impossible. Instead of elimination, our team focuses on control and reduction. To control pests in an area, we offer practical solutions that are effective at reducing the populations on your property and making the environment less welcoming. Our team can come up with a targeted, long-term plan to make sure pests never become a problem for you.

Part of our long-term pest solution plan is education. Other companies will withhold information from you. We’ll never do this. You have an important role in this and we get you involved. For example how you keep your landscape and grounds has an effect, your topography and how water drains away from your property also has an effect. We want our clients to be as informed as possible, dispelling internet gossip, because we understand the headache and unpleasantries having a pest problem can cause. We use our knowledge gained through working thousands of jobs and hours to give you real solutions and to help fight infestation at the source.

Live Outdoors Again – the Ultimate Pest Control Plan

Our main exterior pest control program is Live Outdoors Again. The Live Outdoors Again membership includes our thorough initial inspection, recommendations and plan of attack, as well as 8-12 follow-up visits a year
After graphing and documenting the areas we’re working with, we’ll identify areas on your property that are susceptible to infestation.

During the inspection process, and on every visit, we’ll take pictures of each problem area on a secured company smart device in order to document what our technicians need to work on and what previous technicians have done. This also helps us see the progress and to document new potential conducive threats so we are prepared on follow-up visits.

After graphing and documenting the areas we’re working with, we’ll identify areas on your property that are susceptible to infestation. Some of these areas include areas of standing or collecting water, shaded trees, dense vegetation, and unmanicured areas. This will help us to stay consistent and precise in our work.

Next, we’ll go on to treating your property. In all cases, we’ll perform a calculated attack in the areas we have found to be a problem. We typically do this by fogging those area rather than power spraying. While power spraying for pests in targeted outdoor areas can be an effective method of reducing your property of pests, we like to take into consideration the environmental factor and applying the least amount of product in the right delivery vehicle.

Exterior Pest Control Spraying
A fogger, along with organic polymer adjuvant ( allows product to adhere to where it’s applied) additive, reduces pest product usage by 30-40% and is more effective in pest reduction. Power spraying a whole yard simply wastes chemicals, costs more money, is ineffective and can lead to environmental runoff. In our years of experience and along with customer feedback, fogging with a organic polymer adjuvant has proved effective at maintaining low pest levels while minimizing risk to your environment.

Too many times, we see companies who approach extermination with a scorched earth policy, and it simply doesn’t work in the long-term.

This means that rain won’t wash the spray off and remove it from the surface it was meant to be protecting. It also means the spray has no chance of washing off into an area that either doesn’t need treatment or is sensitive to pest products.

This method allows us to attack the areas that need to be treated and nothing else. Too many times, we see companies who approach extermination with a scorched earth policy, and it simply doesn’t work in the long-term. Overuse of chemicals on a lawn can have detrimental effects on plants and animals that you don’t want to harm.

We approach the pest control business like a seasoned and respected carpenter — measure twice cut once. Using this method and putting the time up front allows us to guarantee results that our competition simply can’t or maybe is untruthful about.

With our help, you can get your outdoor pest population under control, however, remember there is no way to completely eradicate all the pests from your property. This is what makes Live Outdoors Again so powerful. Routine service visits, foggers and organic polymer additives along with routing inspections is the key to success and truly living outdoors again. You won’t have to worry about pest ever becoming out of control again – so what are you waiting for?

MosquitoGuard and TickGuard

If you only want to eliminate mosquitoes or ticks, we’ve got a specialized service for you. Mosquitoes and ticks pose the most serious health risks of any outdoor pests. Mosquitoes can carry a variety of diseases like West Nile and even Chikungunya – a more recent mosquito borne disease that has already hit South Jersey. Ticks can give you Lyme Disease or Babesiosis.

Mosquitoes are prolific breeders because they just require standing water. So if you or your neighbors have underground drains, clog gutters, children’s play equipment, birdbaths, buckets or anywhere else water can collect, you are vulnerable to a mosquito infestation.

Teenager itching due to mosquito bites
Ticks hitch a ride onto your property on one of the most persistent and clever invaders you’ll face: mice. If you try to target ticks with a treatment that doesn’t target mice, your success may be limited. Tick also live in vegetation and low growing shrubs and bushes. Targeting the right areas is crucial.

Our MosquitoGuard and TickGuard programs target mosquitoes and ticks with precision fogging and also eliminate ticks through mice-baiting stations that inoculate the mouse and its nest from ticks.

Our MosquitoGuard and TickGuard programs include 4-12 visits per year.

The TermiGuard 4-Step Process

The way we treat your outdoor area may be different than the way we would treat your next door neighbor. No two clients are alike! We operate under the belief that every case and individual is unique and requires rigid attention to treat the pest issue. We don’t seek to simply cover the problem up but instead seek to solve the source of the problem itself.

To make sure our treatment is cost efficient and effective, we have devised a 4 step plan that will help tailor an individualized program focused on treating your specific property.

1. The Initial Consultation

The first step of our 4 step plan starts with a simple call. When you call us, we’ll gather all the information we can about what type of pests you’re struggling with and where you think the problem areas are. During this time, we’ll make sure to get any information on sensitive areas you don’t want sprayed like gardens. We will ask you what type of goals and expectations you’re looking for and in return will let you honestly know what to expect.

2. Build a Plan

After our consultation, we’ll may visit your property or view it online. While we’re there, we’ll inspect for things that could be causing your pest problem. Common problem areas that we look out for include overgrown vegetation, stagnant water, and built up debris in your gutters. After we conduct our inspection, we’ll give you information on what to look out for in the future and what you can do to reduce the population of pests. Finally, we’ll offer you what we feel will work best, for you and your property.

3. Execute the Plan

The next step is action. We’ll take your preferred plan and execute it throughout your property making sure to hit the hot spots and potential problem areas that could cause the growth of pests. Our expert team will make sure to strictly adhere to the plan you’ve chosen while also being courteous of your property. We’ll leave your property better than we found it. That’s our guarantee.

4. Follow-up

Finally, we’ll talk to you about what we have done and automatically schedule a follow-up appointment at your earliest convenience. We recommend having an appointment at least eight times a year, but in some cases, it may be necessary to have more until your pest problem is under control.

If you’re struggling with pest control or have been burned in the past, give us a call. We’re always happy to receive a call from a potential client who cares about the proper management of their property. We’ll talk with you about the problems you’re experiencing and set up an appointment, so we can begin fighting pests on your property as soon as possible.

Feel free to ask us any questions you have when you call us. We pride ourselves on the knowledge we’ve gained throughout the years, and it would be our privilege to assist you in any way possible.

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