SeasonGuard Plus – Interior Pest Control

If You’re Really Serious About Ridding Your Home Or Building
From Pests & Critters Once & For All

SeasonGuard Plus
Is The Perfect Pest Plan…Just For You!

Can we agree…life is frustrating enough! But choosing a pest control plan and the right service provider to give you a pest free-home or building shouldn’t be!

There’s probably nothing worse than discovering your home or building is infested with spiders, ants, roaches, termites… or any of the other creepy crawly things that can take up residence indoors… is there?

How can you restore your peace-of-mind and ensure your home or building is pest-free?   

Well, it wouldn’t be a do-it-yourself project…  

But, what if the peace-of-mind you’re looking for is only a call away?  

And what if it’s offered from a company with an enviable track record and proven pest programs, guaranteed to resolve your pest issues?

A company that details – in plain language – what’s covered and what’s not. No surprises, no call-back charges… and unlimited emergency visits.

“TermiGuard has consistently exceeded my expectations regarding the care and treatment of my property and home.

And if there is ever a need for an immediate pest service request, TermiGuard is there on the double to assist with my concerns.”  

-Angelo Iossa, Cherry Hill NJ

A company that covers ants, termites, mice, rodents, and most creepy-crawlers… and at reasonable prices, too!

Yes that’s right…Pests,Termites & other Wood Destroying Insects in one convenient plan!

Most pest programs are riddled with gimmicks, hidden fees & exclusions, call back charges – and even more importantly – they offer NO ongoing protection from termites or other wood destroying insects…

Speaking of ongoing protection…do you know why it’s so important, comapared to one time services?

A few 1 time pest control services can add up quick! You should beware of a company trying to sell you, or willing to sell you one time services at least without first explaining why they just aren’t the best decision.

One time services simply do not work! Pests, their biology and nature typically require inspections, targeted treatments, and routine visits – all of which is impossible with one visit. Several one vists services can get pretty expensive and still not rid the pest, leaving you in the same place where you started.

Just imagine….

Your phone calls answered & your concerns addressed by real, live, responsive people, committed to giving you fast, reliable, stress-free, ongoing service…

Imagine the convenience of ‘one-stop shopping’, an all-inclusive pest control program, on-going protection and prevention not to mention cost savings!

“For me personally, the most compelling reason I chose your company was personal attention with zero pressure. Having an effective and affordable pest control plan is an important part of maintaining a home but along with cost, a significant factor for me was feeling like my concerns were addressed and everything was explained well in advance. Because of that I felt I could make an informed decision without once feeling pressured.

So many of the “big name” companies give you partial info at best and basically force you into a contract without giving you much to work with. That was huge for me. We are very happy so far and I look forward to a happy bug free future!”

-Tracey Markovsky Marlton, NJ

Sound interesting?


The Most inclusive, year-round pest and rodent protection available…
SeasonGuard Plus  Pest control for all seasons, for all the right reasons

Exclusively featuring…

Check1green  Coverage of over 50 pests – plus termites, carpenter ants & carpenter bees… 

Check1green  Convenient 12 month billing – your payments are spread throughout the year

Check1green  A ’64 Point’ Home Health Inspection Report

Check1green  Unlimited call backs – there’s no-charge

Check1green  Interior & exterior treatments 

Check1green  This 6-times-a-year program delivers much more value than common, one-time services

Check1green  Earth friendly for your kids, grandkids, pets & family – Available only from TermiGuard Services, our unique Pest Control Delivery System harnesses the efficiency of routine inspections and precise treatments, as well as the effectiveness of PolyHydra-D (PHD) – a series of S.M.A.R.T. Polymers technology that keeps pest control products where they belong – on the target zone!   

Check1green  One yearly Termite Inspection  

Check1green  Includes $75,000 Termite Damage Coverage (Everyone calls me nuts for including this…)

All of which lets us achieve your desired control outcomes using 30% less pest control product – with no environmental runoff… and the results have been spectacular!

“But Jim, how do I know my results will be spectacular too?”

I figured you might ask that. Have no fear, my pledge is just down here…

My 100% Money Back Guarantee Pledge to you…

We know you’ll love it, but for some added peace-of-mind…
If you are not satisfied with the reduction of pests in your home, we will return and re-treat at no additional charge.
And, if for any reason you’re unhappy with our service – We will refund 100% of your money – It’s that simple.

What will you do today to help protect the health of your home and loved ones tomorrow?

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