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    Why Choose TermiGuard as Your Spider Control Service?

    It’s no secret why you would want to get rid of spiders in your home and make sure they never return. The question is how does one do that?

    If you are looking for efficient, affordable, and aggressive spider control services, you have come to the right place. The technicians at TermiGuard Services have decades of experience combatting the most ferocious and stubborn spider infestations, and our customers rave about their spider-free living after working with TermiGuard Pest Services.

    TermiGuard Pest Service’s top-notch expertise and professionalism, as well as our customer-centric service model, set us apart from other spider control options you may have in South Jersey.

    We offer several perks with our services that make us the best choice for spider control. To start, we always offer free cursory inspections on our spider extermination services, and free pest service call-backs as well. In fact, you can request a free consultation for your spider issue and receive a $50 discount when you purchase one of our signature service plans!

    We are fast responders too – depending on your area, we can get to you quickly after you request our services, often on the very same day. And of course, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will do whatever it takes to make sure your spider issue is kept under control with a multi-pronged approach through inspection, food source elimination and treatment strategies along with the correct spider-formulated usage.

    Our results speak for themselves but, if for any reason you aren’t satisfied, we’ll keep coming back until we make it right!

    Finally, TermiGuard isn’t some faceless national corporation that you have to reach by a toll-free number or whose technicians will divert your questions to “corporate.” Far from it – TermiGuard is a family-owned pest control business, with roots right here in South Jersey. We pride ourselves as being part of the South New Jersey community and consider our customers to be our neighbors as well. With spider infestations, we recommend starting with the Basic pest control plan.

    Call TermiGuard Pest Services today or fill out the request form on our website to tackle your spider problem once and for all. Don’t wait – you have nothing to lose but your spiders!

    Pest Control Plans


    Defense for general pests around perimeter of foundation
    Year-round pest protection with 4 scheduled visits
    Covers 25+ general pests
    *Termite Monitoring Stations included (discounts if termites are found)
    Includes 2 exterior rodent bait stations and monitoring
    UNLIMITED call-backs


    Defense for general pests up to 10′ from the foundation – including stinging pests
    Year-round pest protection with 4 scheduled visits
    Covers 25+ general pests from TG Basic, plus covers termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees & wood-borer Beetles
    Annual Termite Inspection with Free Retreatment Coverage
    UNLIMITED call-backs


    Defense for general pests up to 20′ from the foundation – including stinging pests
    Year-round pest protection with 4 scheduled visits
    Covers all pests & features from TG Plus & TG Basic
    Reduction of mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas outdoors April – October
    UNLIMITED call-backs

    Free Spider Inspections

    At TermiGuard, we ensure our clients enjoy spider-free living spaces without the anxiety often associated with most spider extermination services. We offer free spider inspections so you can receive expert advice from the top spider exterminators in the region, all at no risk to you.
    Tick Control

    Free Spider Call-Backs

    Anyone subscribed to TermiGuard pest control plans can rest easy knowing that state-of-the-art spider control methods protect them. Additionally, you have the option to call back anytime you face issues. We are happy to return at no additional cost and without limits to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

    Same-Day Spider Service

    We can provide same-day service to address your spider issues in certain areas we cover. Wouldn’t knowing you won’t have to worry about spiders in your house the next day would be comforting? Contact us and ask about our same-day spider service.

    A Local Spider Exterminator

    Our spider control services aren’t like those provided by large, impersonal corporations. Instead, they’re designed specifically for the needs of Southern New Jersey residents. We refrain from using one-size-fits-all strategies when it comes to resolving spider infestations as each home and infestation is unique. And since all of our team members are local, you can feel good about supporting a local business, not anonymous conglomerates!

    “Early, Polite, & Thorough!”

    “We have used this company for several years and our technician Julian is awesome! He is early for the appointment, he is polite and he does a thorough job! In all the years we have used this company this young man is the best!”

    – Sue H., Cape May

    How Do I Know I Have Spiders?

    The most common sign of spiders is also the most stereotypical one – the spiderweb. Spiders build webs to catch their food in, and a majority of the tens of thousands of species of spiders do build webs. However, there are some American spider species which do not build webs. So having webs means you have spiders, but not having webs does not completely rule out having a spider infestation.

    When looking for webs, it is often best to check dark, damp areas of your home that you don’t often go near. Places like the area underneath furniture or the corner of a room that you maybe don’t go in as often are good places to look. Spiders have an easier time getting into garages or sheds, so looking in those areas if you have them in your home would also be a good idea. Ultimately, spiders want to stake out a spot in your home where they will have plentiful access to tiny prey like ants or mites, and where they can build cobwebs that are unlikely to be destroyed. So anywhere where you have not thought to look is likely where a spider would like to be hiding!

    Another sign that you have spiders is if you have recently dealt with different types of pest control problems. As previously noted, spiders get their sustenance by trapping and devouring smaller bugs, and they will find new places to trap prey when times get tough. So if you have recently discovered that you have too many ants or other bugs in your home, chances are, the spiders have discovered it too! Even if you get rid of the original bug problem, it is always worth making sure that there aren’t still spiders hiding in your corners, sticking around even after the feeding party is over.

    “They are always so helpful!”

    “I have the membership with them and they are always so helpful. They follow up and give advice and check all areas to assure the job is done correctly and thoroughly. They take their time and they are all super friendly. I just had Luis and he was just as awesome as everyone else. I would highly recommend them all!

    – Jermaine M., Cherry Hill

    What Are the Dangers of Spiders?

    Since there are so many species of spiders, there is almost just as large of a variety of potential harms that can come from them. But some of these harms are intuitive. After all, there is a reason why spiders are one of the themes of Halloween – they’re just plain creepy, and human beings usually prefer not to have them around, especially in their homes.

    The most common type of spider in American homes is the parasteatoda tepidariorum, known fittingly as the American house spider. Ultimately, these spiders are mostly unpleasant for aesthetic and emotional reasons – they’re just gross to have them around. However, it is important to note that even tiny spiders like these can be dangerous. Although they are not known to cause harm to humans, they do have a venomous bite, and their venom is neurotoxic. So while they will bite humans if threatened, they are not big enough to harm you, even if they do bite. But that means that they could potentially be a threat to your pets, small children and people with allergic reactions.

    Most importantly, the biggest threat from small, non-lethal spiders like the American house spider is infestation by means of out-of-control reproduction. Spiders like these often live for one to two years, and the females will produce over a dozen egg sacs during a lifetime. An egg sac, in turn, can hold up to about 200 eggs. That means that within a period of a year, a single female house spider can lay enough eggs to produce literally thousands more spiders just like her. Now think about how long it might take you to notice one or two webs in the corner of your attic. By the time you even know you have a spider problem, it is probably already a much more extensive infestation than you think. That’s why it’s important to be proactive and not to delay with a spider issue, and to call TermiGuard Pest Service as soon as you notice a problem.

    A happy family with no spiders
    A hand pushes through cobwebs
    Finally, there are more serious, though rarer, threats from spiders that you should be careful to guard against. Two spiders that are rarer than house spiders but still prevalent in many portions of the US are brown recluse spiders and black widow spiders. Brown recluses are dangerous in part because they are brown, like normal house spiders, but actually can cause toxic bites to human beings, unlike house spiders. You can tell brown recluses apart because of their size – they often grow to be as big as a quarter. If one bites you or any spider for that matter, and creates a reaction, you probably should see a doctor. Their bites leave nasty marks that can develop into more serious medical issues, including skin infections, if not properly treated.

    Worst of all, from a fear and health concern in South Jersey, is the black widow. Black widow spiders are a similar size to brown recluses, but they have jet-black bodies with a creepy red hourglass shape on their backs. If you, but more importantly , children or pets, get bitten by a black widow, you should go to the emergency room, or somehow seek immediate medical attention. And whether it’s a brown recluse or a black widow, the second step after treating the bite is making sure you and your family are safe from future bites – and that involves doing a full pest inspection and extermination, like the ones offered by the experts at TermiGuard Services.

    How Can I Get Rid of Spiders?

    At TermiGuard Services, our approach to addressing spider problems
    revolves around three main activities: inspection, extermination, and prevention.
    Ultimately, the details of our process are unique to our customer and their situation. That is why inspection is so important. When we send our experts to do a cursory inspection for a potential customer – free of charge, of course – they come with the ability to identify the specific type of spider, the severity of infestations, and the best approach to beginning the termination. At this point, we offer a verbal report to our customers of what we plan to do, what tools we plan to use, how long it will take, and how much the investment will be.

    The extermination process then continues from there, with our technicians working to provide safe, effective long-term solutions to their spider problems at the best dollar value to you. Some strategies we employ include using various products tailored to the specific type of spider in your home, and special tools that safely remove webs from hard-to-reach areas. We even use special products designed for spiders that prevent already-laid eggs from hatching, which works to stop any ongoing infestation in its tracks rather than simply destroying one generation of spiders. By killing the existing spiders and destroying their homes, we comb every inch of your home to make sure that it is in no way hospitable to the invasive spiders.

    Finally, our goal is to make sure that your program is an evergreen solution to spider control. To this end, we also employ extensive prevention techniques to help make sure that spiders don’t get into your house in the first place. This includes recommendations to sealing up cracks in walls and doors and identifying areas that may need more extensive repair in order to fortify your home from future spider threats.

    A happy family with no spiders around

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