Squirrel & Wildlife Control

Attention South Jersey & Philadelphia Area Homeowners!
Do You Have Unwanted Critters Living In Your Home?

Squirrels and wildlife such as raccoons, groundhogs, skunks, bats, and birds
can cause lots of damage to your home…

Squirrels and other wildlife are in great abundance in our local areas – Medford – Moorestown – Marlton – Cherry Hill – are a few you’re probably familiar with.

We know their growing populations create a nuisance for us home or property owners, especially during the colder months when they begin to seek shelter in areas such as our attics and crawlspaces.

These animals can create or squeeze into holes and crevices that are half their size. Whether they’re in search of shelter, a protected place to nest their young or are hoping to find some food, they’ll find a way in and create damage while doing it.

These havoc wrecking critters have the ability to cause damage to…

  • Soffits
  • Roofs
  • Siding
  • Fascia boards and trim
  • Gutters
  • Foundations – undermined or burrowed against foundation create potentials for a negative grade (when the soil slopes back toward the home or building – allowing for water penetration)

Damages done to these structures and cavities will most likely mean your pesky critter has left entry points into your home. And if those entry points are large enough for animals, imagine what else is capable of getting in – pests, insects, and even water intrusion!

And as if structural damage wasn’t enough…

  • Squirrels and other wildlife can also…
  • Defecate & urinate in attics – a major health hazard

Don’t take this health and safety risk to allow these rodents to ruin the structural cavities of your home!

So, if you have their critters causing nuisance and gnawing and wrecking havoc in your yard or home, or if you’re worried you could have a squirrel or wildlife problem in the future…

You’ll likely want to find a trustworthy, reliable and reputable company that will save you time and give you the quality service and customer care satisfaction you deserve…right?

When it comes to squirrel and wildlife control, making it a “do-it-yourself” project probably isn’t your best bet. It could get extremely time consuming, not to mention frustrating.

When you’re ready, you’ll want to find a company that can provide at least

  • Trapping and removal along with…
  • Prevention measures

But why settle for an average service when you deserve to get all of this too…

  • For your comfort – a full-time, professional customer service team and inspector staff that actually answer your calls and listen to your issues and concerns
  • For your peace-of-mind – convenient damage repairs, most pest control companies don’t offer damage repairs
  • For your long-term confidence – scheduled follow-ups, or yearly control plan options

TermiGuard Services & Fenwick will cover all of the above and then some…

  • Inspect outside structural members and cavities of your home
  • Identify entry points
  • Convert entry points into exit-only traps at key locations – we don’t want to seal off right away in case a critter happens to be inside
  • Install Havahart® control devices – we trap and remove humanely without causing harm
  • Repair damages – it’s key in prevention – we will also make recommendations to, or install wire to shut holes and other areas that might be an entry concern
  • Schedule return visits if and when needed

Nuisances & Damages?!

Don’t let them linger on and don’t let those critters wreck havoc in your home and on your ‘dime’!

Suspect you have some unwanted guests shacking up in your home or worries about a future problem?

Call us NOW at (856)-753-1401 or (609)-601-9400 or click below to submit your information for a FREE Consultation and one of our friendly customer service representatives will contact you to discuss your critter issue!