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    Looking for an experienced termite control company in South Jersey? TermiGuard is the answer. We’re not a franchise or a national company – we know New Jersey termites and how to deal with them safely and effectively.

     With our 100% satisfaction guarantee and unlimited callbacks, you can rest assured that your termite problem will be taken care of. Our licensed termite control technician will give you the personal attention you deserve and answer any questions you may have about our services.

    For most termite infestations, we recommend the PLUS package. This package includes targeted product applications to keep your home or business free of termites, with continual protection. Contact us today to learn more!

    Pest Control Plans


    Defense for general pests around perimeter of foundation Year-round pest protection with 4 scheduled visits Covers 25+ general pests *Termite Monitoring Stations included (discounts if termites are found) Includes 2 exterior rodent bait stations and monitoring UNLIMITED call-backs


    Defense for general pests up to 10′ from the foundation – including stinging pests Year-round pest protection with 4 scheduled visits Covers 25+ general pests from TG Basic, plus covers termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees & wood-borer Beetles Annual Termite Inspection with Free Retreatment Coverage UNLIMITED call-backs


    Defense for general pests up to 20′ from the foundation – including stinging pests Year-round pest protection with 4 scheduled visits Covers all pests & features from TG Plus & TG Basic Reduction of mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas outdoors April – October UNLIMITED call-backs

    Free Annual Termite Inspections

    At Termiguard, we want to ensure you have the best possible experience with our termite control services. That’s why we include free inspections to all of our termite customers on a plan. With our free inspections, you can receive professional advice on how to deal with your home’s termite problem at no extra charge. We’ll act promptly to alleviate your concerns and give you a solution as quickly as possible.


    If termites or other pests begin to creep back into your home, you can always call us for a FREE call-back. We take our job seriously and always do it right. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any termite problems. We’re here to help and will come back as many times as needed to take care of all of your termite issues.

    A Local

    As a family-owned company, we’re not a profit-driven national conglomerate – we’re your neighbors! That means that when you call us, we can offer you localized, specific advice and be there as soon as possible. We’re looking out for you, your investment and your best interests.


    At TermiGuard, we understand that some issues just can’t wait. That’s why we offer same-day service in some areas to address pests and especially termites quickly. Once termites have gotten in, it’s important to act fast to avoid further, long-term structural damage.

    “Their level of professionalism raises the bar”

    “When we were purchasing this house, we knew it had some pre-existing issues with moisture, mold, termites, and structural damage. We opted to choose Termiguard … to help assess and remediate the issues. Their level of professionalism raises the bar. They were always on time, they always took my call, and when we needed some paperwork in a hurry to meet a closing deadline, they agreed and delivered.”
    Tyler L. – Cherry Hill

    How Do I Know I Have Termites?

    Finding Termite Damage and Other Evidence

    Termites spend most of their lives underground (subterranean), which can make them difficult to spot. Termites are cryptobiotic meaning, they have a “hidden mode of life”. However, termites are known for leaving traces of their presence which is typically how one discovers that they have a termite infestation. Some common signs of termite damage to look out for in your home are mud tunnels(shelter tubes), wood that you suspect to be hollow, termite wings and body parts (they look very similar to ant wings except twice as long as their body), and exit holes or blisters in your structural wood members.

    Ants vs. Termites

    Sometimes, ants are mistaken for being termites, and there are a couple of important details to keep in mind. Ants have front wings that are longer than hind wings, and they also have antennae that are bent at a ninety-degree angle. Termites have wings that are typically equal in length, and their antennae are straight, although their antennae may droop. Ants have segmented bodies while termites are straight and have wings twice a long as their body.

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    “Signing up for the inspection service was simple and efficient”

    “I needed an immediate termite inspection for a refinance. … [TermiGuard was] exceptionally quick in their response times! Signing up for the inspection service was simple and efficient, all electronic and no contact.”
    Mary T. – Palmyra

    What are the Dangers of Termites?

    An Efficient Scavenger

    Although we all wish that termites could be eliminated, they have been inhabiting earth for over 250,000 million years and are an integral part of the ecosystem. There is no “silver bullet” to control, it takes a continual proactive approach utilizing a termite maintenance program, with multiple strategies. The danger to wood is, of course, a scary notion for any homeowner, as termites are excellent at recycling the nutrients from dead cellulose (trees, plants etc) including your structural framing members back into the earth. Termites are to be taken very seriously and should be addressed immediately and with great care. In South Jersey, the prevalent termite species is known as Native Eastern Subterranean Termites. A typical acre can have upwards of 15 colonies constantly foraging for food. Is your home or business the next food source?

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    Structural Damage

    There are many sizes of termite colonies, and mature termite colonies (million or more) are the most dangerous and relentless of all. They can eat through the wood so quickly that a structure could be severely damaged if their presence is not made known.

    Depending on the size of the colony and existing conducive conditions, structural damage may only take a short amount of time, and it can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to rectify. Termites work around the clock (24,7), and if you are not quick enough to discover an infestation, your home may suffer severe consequences.

    It’s estimated, termites cost American homeowners over 5 Billion dollars in structure damage per year. This fact alone makes it extremely important to have an annual termite inspection performed once a year.

    Are Termites Harmful to Humans?

    Surprisingly, termite soldiers can bite humans but this is very rare unless provoked. It should be said however, that some people with asthma can have a reaction to termite infestation. But more than likely the health consequence you may suffer from a termite invasion would be stress and emotional discomfort because of the potential damage they can cause..

    We take pride in the fact that TermiGuard Services is a family-owned company, and we want to keep your property, children and loved ones at the highest priority. We know that you feel the same way which is why it is even more important for you to give us a call so that we can search your house for termites.

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    “Got the report done quickly and thoroughly”

    “Very friendly, convenient, and professional. Did a termite inspection of our house and got the report done quickly and thoroughly. Even gave us some advice for how to prevent critters coming into the house.”
    Gabs G.

    Getting Rid of Termites

    It’s not very practical to think your going to eliminate termites from your outdoor environment because they have an abundant food source, Southern New Jersey has a temperate climate and very moist, conducive soils to easily move through. Even if you kill off a colony, there can easily be over 15 termite colonies per acre.

    All termites can survive in extremely severe weather conditions, and although it depends on the species of termite, they are more adaptable than you may think. They can survive in the most humid of climates as well as the driest of climates. And the big take-a-way to remember…termites in South Jersey are active and working all year long!

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    What are the Different Types of Termites?

    When a termite infestation occurs in New Jersey, native eastern subterranean termites are, currently,  the only culprit.

    Dampwood, drywood, and subterranean are the most common types of termites, and all of them have different reasons for entering a home.

    Both dampwood and drywood termites live in the wood they consume. On the other hand, subterranean termites live in the ground and will leave their underground colony to eat wood, and then return to the colony. Subterranean termites are much more likely to live in large groups than dampwood or drywood termites and cause the most widespread damage in South Jersey and the United States.

    Termite Behavior

    When it comes to the question of what attracts termites, it is a simple and clear answer. As you would expect, dampwood and drywood termites are attracted to damp or dry wood, respectively. Subterranean termites will consume wood that is near soil. They will construct mud tubes that will allow them to move from soil to wood through a passageway with ease. Subterranean termites construct these tubes because they need moisture. They cannot live unless they reside in a damp environment.

    The Life Cycles of Termites

    Similar to most insects, termites originate as eggs. Unlike some insects, such as bees or ants, termites undergo a process of incomplete metamorphosis. This means that they will endure three serrate life stages, which include them being an egg, nymph, and adult. Termite nymphs are smaller than adults, and depending on the available resources of the colony, they could take several months to develop into full adults. Nymphs are unable to feed themselves, but they are able to tend to other duties, such as constructing the nest and serving the queen. Adult termites may become soldiers (defend the colony), workers (feed the colony) or swarmers that are in charge of the reproduction process of the colony.

    How Can I Get Rid of Termites?

    We tell clients, unfortunately when it comes to termites in South Jersey, its not if you have them but when will you get them. Southern New Jersey has an abundance of moisture and a temperate climate.

    If your home is infested with termites, you will want to carefully select a pest control company that can fulfill your individual needs and priorities.

    TermiGuard Services will grant you a cursory free inspection of your home (where you suspect termite issues) and will find the most vulnerable parts of your property, and will then work with you to uncover the most effective and most cost-efficient method of eradicating the termites.

    Once the initial infestation is taken care of, we set up a recurring plan of monitoring, inspecting, and treating termites on your property, so you stay safe for years to come. Termites need a continual maintenance program because there isn’t a “silver bullet” solution to treating them.

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    How Can I Prevent Termites?

    Controlling Moisture

    Moisture and dampness are likely the number one source for your South Jersey home or business to be invaded by Native Eastern Subterranean Termites. Chronic high humidity is one of the biggest sources for moisture. And humidity increases the moisture content in wood above the 14-16% threshold, making it a prime food source for termites.

    Keeping areas that are below grade, like basements and crawl spaces, dry is one of the big keys to termite prevention. TermiGuard has many options to keep your home dry, safe and healthy. Call now to discover these holistic approaches.

    Eliminating Unnecessary Wood Sources

    Another important action to consider is to separate any wood materials, including plants, from your structure. Do not allow plants and vegetation to grow against your home, and do not leave wood piles or firewood next to your home, as it will allow for easy entry for termites. Keep your crawl space clean and free from stored items, particularly carpet and cardboard commonly found on the soil floor. If you have any questions about how susceptible your home is to termites, please give TermiGuard Services a call. We offer free cursory termite inspections and can tell you if you need monitoring and treatment services or have a conducive environment for termite infestations.

    Proactive Termite Management

    By contacting an expert like TermiGuard, you can set up an early warning system of termite monitors allowing your termite control technician to know when and where activity is occurring and know where they need to check more thoroughly for a termite infestation. Regularly scheduled termite maintenance will keep your home free of these pests and ease your mind that you are doing everything possible to keep your home termite-free. If you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a termite-free environment, call TermiGuard Pest Services today.
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