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Termite Pest Control NJAnnual Inspections Are The Key Weapon
Against Termite Damage…

Termite/Wood Destroying Insect Inspection & Treatment Services…

Entomologists Agree…There’s No Magic Button For Controlling Termites…

Wouldn’tTermite Pest Control NJ it be nice if there was a magic button solution, a proven, one-shot ‘fix’ for every problem you face?

But it’s just not usually that easy…

When homes, buildings and termites meet, the variables to consider include a mix of building design, soil type, property maintenance practices…and pest biology of course.

Termite have been around since prehistoric times, and aren’t going away any time soon. When they get into the wooden members of a home or building, the damage can be significant.

Thinking about buying a home, or just looking for some peace-of-mind?

Here are a few things to consider…

  • Termites love moist, wet areas
  • Termites can re-infest a home or building that’s been previously treated
  • Because termites live inside wood structures of a home or building, they can be tough to see – especially if you aren’t familiar with the warning signs

A good termite inspection if your first, most important line of defense…

Real Estate Inspections & Annual Termite Inspections

  • Buyers or sellers – We offer buyer & pre-seller inspections
  • Mortgage company – We offer refinancing inspections
  • Peace-of-Mind – Includes a 1 year courtesy (renewable) warranty with $75,000 in damage protection!*
  • Convenience – We offer termite structural damage repair services – we don’t contract this out, it’s our bread and butter.

*For areas treated by TermiGuard Services

Our ‘No Worries’ Termite Control Plan includes…

  • Protect your property – Yearly termite inspection & monitoring program
  • Uses less termiticide – Localized treatments included, as required
  • Warranted – Covered by our, annually renewable warranty
  • Peace-of-Mind – Includes our damage protection coverage

Conventional Liquid Treatment…

  • Single treatment – 1 time treatment application
  • Yearly treatment – Annual inspection & re-treatment coverage, as required
  • Warranted – Covered by our, annually renewable warranty
  • Peace-of-mind protection – Includes our damage protection coverage

Our SeasonGuard Plus Termite Control Plan, includes…

  • Termite Pest Control NJCoverage of over 50 pests – plus termites, carpenter ants & carpenter bees… 
  • Convenient 12 month billing – your payments are spread throughout the year
  • A ’64 Point’ Home Health Inspection Report
  • Unlimited call backs – there’s no-charge
  • Interior & exterior treatments 
  • This 6-times-a-year program delivers much more value than common, one-time services
  • Earth friendly for your kids, grandkids, pets & family – Available only from TermiGuard Services, our unique Pest Control Delivery System harnesses the efficiency of routine inspections and precise treatments, as well as the effectiveness of PolyHydra-D (PHD) – a series of S.M.A.R.T. Polymers technology that keeps pest control products where they belong – on the target zone!   
  • All natural “green” products available upon request
  • One yearly Termite Inspection  
  • Includes $75,000 Termite Damage Coverage – Unlike anything you’ve ever heard of!

Because of their nature, many design & construction considerations, and the fact that it’s just not possible to put a complete barrier around your home, termite re-infestations can, and do happen. That’s why regular, annual inspections are so important!

Termite & Wood Destroying Damage Repair Services…

Take control of your valuable time…

Hiring a professional, true, one-stop provider will save you time & money and ensure the quality of work and no loss of data!

Consider a company that can not only inspect, identify, and treat for wood destroyers, but can also assess and repair their damage. Not just the basics (like doubling up floor joists [sistering] to fix a sagging floor), rather one with the expertise to deal with all sorts of damage, from basic to full restoration.

It isn’t just structural repairs – carpenter bees create nuisance-type damage requiring cosmetic repairs – which most contractors are to busy to fix…or they simply don’t want to.

But, TermiGuard Services & Fenwick will…

Here’s a sampling of the repair services we provide…

  • FREE analysis & estimate
  • Design & engineering services available
  • Inspect & replace (as required) beams, headers, rafters, joists, studs, plates, sill plates, etc.
  • Repair attic trusses & rafters (as required)’
  • Fully restore walls, ceilings, floors, etc.
  • Remove heating, plumbing, & electrical systems, as required
  • Repair damage to trims, fascia/gable trim, wood siding, desks, etc.

All designed to eliminate your hassles & headaches in having to deal with more than one contractor to resolve your issues!

Call TODAY for details… (see numbers below)!

(856)-753-1570 – For Fenwick

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