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At TermiGuard Mold Services, we consider mold remediation one of the most important jobs we take on. If you’ve found mold in your house, you need a solution fast. A contaminated area poses a potential health threat to your family’s well-being and we appreciate the trust our clients put in us to solve these issues.

You may have been burned in the past by a shoddy mold remediator. Maybe they didn’t clean it up properly and the mold still persists. Maybe they cleaned up the mold, but did not fix what was causing the mold to grow in the first place. They might have even told you there wasn’t any mold in your building or given you a phony “mold certificate” and then you found some mold growth later. We see this all the time, and we know the headaches, and wallet-ache, it can create to deal with mold a second or even third time after you thought it has been removed. However, unlike those shady remediators, we’re reliable, and as homeowners ourselves, we hate scam artists who take our money and run after a botched job.

The TermiGuard Mold Services team has decades of experience in moisture control and mold remediation, with certifications from the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors. And having served thousands of homeowners, we understand why it’s so important for you that your project and scope of work works the first time, particularly when it involves the expense of mold remediation.

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Thanks for the excellent communication over the last year. I can’t tell you how important that is in ALL phases of LIFE and business! You ALL have earned my strongest recommendations to those seeking similar services!

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Why Do You Need Mold Remediation?

Mold growth in your home or place of business not only indicates there may be damage to the structure of the building, but also it could lead to long-term health problems if not corrected in a timely manner. People who have weakened or developing immune systems, particularly children and senior citizens, are at extreme risk for respiratory illnesses.
Some of the health issues moisture control and mold remediation helps keep at bay include sinus infection, skin infections, rashes, and pneumonia. Others are asthma, memory impairment, migraines, fever, and chronic fatigue syndrome, dizziness, wheezing and coughing.

Some mold may hide in unseen nooks and crannies underneath the building if you have a crawl space or behind drywall due to a pipe leak or moisture seepage.

Signs of mold growth in your house or business can be spotted easily by checking for 3 dimensional growth around damp areas of your building, such as your basement, but some mold may hide in unseen nooks and crannies underneath the building if you have a crawl space or behind drywall due to a pipe leak or moisture seepage. Unventilated attics and garages with hidden ductwork are high risk areas as well. Believe it or not most mold issues are found in areas of the home that are not properly conditioned by regulating the air.

And if you have noticed any mold spots or have developed any long lasting health or allergy issues such as constantly coughing, irritated eyes, or skin rashes, it may be time to look into mold remediation.

What to Expect During Mold Remediation

We know it can be stressful having strangers inside your home or business for mold cleanup, but we have a proven track record of professionalism and can give our promise that our mold cleanup is safe and effective. To prove this, we’ll explain what you can expect when we come for a mold remediation.
Mold removal starts with an assessment of the site. What causes the mold to grow is a very important part of the evaluation, so we send out one of our professionally trained NORMI-certified moisture control specialists to inspect and study the situation. We start off with and interview, asking you pertinent question and get a sense of past property history. From there we then do a very thorough inspection of every level of your home while taking psychrometric readings and documenting issues with photos.
Depending on what is found we may need or recommend testing the quality of your home’s air and comparing it to the outside air. By taking air samples, we can can see trends in the mold data by comparing the results to the outside air. Taking air samples can be an important step because some mold can be hidden and hard to find by just searching for it. After we get the results back from the lab, we will couple the results with our physical inspection along with building science knowledge and make final determinations on how the mold got there in the first place.
Mold assessment is the first step in remediation
After we have formulated a work plan including the how to prevent the mold from returning, we will sit down and discuss the scope of work with you in detail so you know what to expect. When we begin the mold removal process we will put in the proper containment controls to ensure other areas of the house are protected from cross contamination.
Then every inch of a mold infested area will be thoroughly cleaned during this time. During cleaning, we will carry out HEPA vacuuming of all surfaces, wiping and cleaning and vacuuming again all the while running controls to clean or scrub the air from mold contaminants. This process is important to stop future growth of mold in your home because mold spores can stay in the air even after the source is cleaned. Because we are a detail-oriented company, we will do a thorough inspection once we finish cleaning to make sure we really did get all the mold.
We can create better waterproofing in the affected area or design a better draining system outside your home or business to get rid of the conditions that create mold.

After cleanup, we want to ensure that the problem that caused the mold to grow gets fixed. We can provide a wide variety of fixes depending on the problem. We can create better waterproofing in the affected area or design a better draining system outside your home or business to get rid of the conditions that create mold. We also offer installation of mechanical moisture control systems like increased ventilation in attic or crawl spaces along with smart ventilation systems or dehumidifiers if necessary. If the problem stems from exterior water penetration leaks or interior problems like plumbing leaks, we can also repair that if necessary.

Even though we offer all of these services, we won’t spring any of them on you. We’ll make sure you know exactly what we are going to do before we actually do it, prioritizing and incorporating as your budget will allow.
Then, we will come back at a scheduled date and time and do a follow-up. Following up is the most important step in mold remediation because you have put a lot of your time and money into solving the issue, so you don’t want to have us back cleaning up mold again. Other companies skip this step all the time. They will come and get rid of the immediate mold problem, but won’t take measures to stop mold growth in the future. We not only do this because it’s the proper way to take care of mold, but also because we value you as a customer. We know if we don’t complete a follow-up you’re still at risk for future mold growth, which will only cost you more money, stress and time. If mold is cleaned but the source isn’t properly dealt with, it can come back worse and cause more damage making this step even more crucial.
After all of this, we want to make sure that you have a 100% protection guarantee that your mold problem won’t come back in the future. Mold remediation can be expensive, so we don’t want you to have to pay for another one. We offer continued mold protection services where we will come for annually scheduled maintenance inspection visits to your home or business so potential mold growth areas can be located before they become problematic. If you are interested in staying protected from mold, please let us know and we will be happy to discuss the options available to you. The potential savings for this services could result in thousands of dollars in savings from large repair bills.
Family enjoying their mold-free home

Finally, we want you to know we are always available to our clients, new and old. Give us a call if you have any questions about moisture and mold in your home or even if you want to discuss some mold prevention tips. The TermiGuard Mold Services team is always happy to give you the knowledge to keep you, your family, and your home safe from the damages of moisture and mold.

The TermiGuard Mold Services 5-Step Process

We remain the most reliable mold remediator in South Jersey because we have formulated a proven 5-step program for mold removal, created with years of experience and the knowledge we gained by working countless mold remediation jobs. By implementing our 5-step program for mold removal, we can remain consistent with the work we do and guarantee your long-term satisfaction, which those other guys can’t do.


Mold remediation before


Mold remediation after

1. The Initial Consultation

Our first priority when you contact us is to get all the information we can about your mold problem. We’ll run you through some common problems people have with mold and get the information we need by asking a few questions. We’ll make sure to get all the details. During this time, we’ll also set up a visit to the site at your earliest convenience.

2. The Site Visit

On our scheduled day, we will arrive on time and will be ready to inspect the site for signs of mold. Unlike those other guys, we make sure not to just find the mold, but to find the source of the problem. This step is important for making sure mold doesn’t come back after we have done our job. We want to not only clean the mold, but find out how to stop it from ever causing you a headache again.

3. The Plan

After evaluating the site, we’ll talk to you about the course of action, which will be highly dependent on the situation. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with our plan to remove the mold by talking about a timeline for removal and budget so you know exactly what to expect. This way, you’ll never end up with a fat bill that was unexpected.

4. Execution

All the previous work leads up to this point in our 5 step program. By spending the time assessing the situation properly, we know we will forever eradicate your mold problem. During this step, we will thoroughly clean and sanitize the area of mold growth. We’ll also make sure to leave your home or business just like we found it. We pride ourselves on customer service, and we’ll make sure you’re happy with our work.

5. Follow-up

The last step in our process is a follow-up. Some of those other shady contractors take your money and run, but not TermiGuard Mold Services. We make sure we have done the job we said we are going to do. We can discuss any repairs to the structure of your home that the mold may have damaged, and we also make sure we thoroughly inspect the areas we cleaned to ensure no more mold growth in the future.

If you’re ready to start our 5-step process and get your mold remediation job started, contact us today! Your initial consultation is FREE!