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    Sump Pumps You Can Count On

    At AquaDry Waterproofing, we’ve developed our innovative SumpGuard programs on the idea that no homeowner should have to worry about their sump pumps performance in a time of need.

    Our SumpGuard programs are broken into three different levels:

    SumpGuard Basic

    • Annual Maintenance and Inspection
    • Checking to make sure the pump is working properly, free of debris, and verify check valves

    SumpGuard Plus

    • Everything from ‘Basic’
    • Includes free labor on replacement pumps that are under manufacturer warranty. If outside of warranty, replacement pump cost is not included

    SumpGuard Ultimate

    • Everything from ‘Plus’
    • Includes free replacement on primary pumps outside of manufacturer warranty
    • Free labor on replacement of primary pumps outside of manufacturer warranty
    • 2 power flush service of the interior drain piping only at any accessible cleanout port.

    Why Choose AquaDry for Sump Pumps?

    AquaDry’s sump pumps outperform the market because we don’t want to leave our clients high and dry when the conditions are anything but. We deal directly with a top-of-the-line manufacturer who is constantly testing and innovating to bring the best technology to bear on your water emergencies.

    We’re Confident in Our Pumps

    We offer a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on our primary pumps, the best warranty you’ll find in the area. That’s because we’ve identified the biggest failure point in most sump pumps: the float switch that controls the pump function. The most common reason a sump pump breaks is the float switch wears out, and with most pumps, that’s enough to mean buying a brand new sump pump. At AquaDry, we only install sump pumps with replaceable switches, eliminating the largest threat to your sump pump system.

    We’ve identified the biggest failure point in most sump pumps: the float switch that controls the pump function.

    Powerful Sump Pump Systems

    The peace of mind doesn’t end there!

    We install pumps that are proven workhorses, with 15 feet of vertical lift and up to 2,700 gallons of water per hour. With every sump pump, we give you the option to add on a backup system for the primary pump. One of the backup pumps we offer is a WiFi-enabled backup system that links to an app on your smart phone and gives you notifications and real-time alerts if the system experiences problems. With these tools, you’ll always be secure when it’s raining like crazy.

    Financing Options from GreenSky
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    We’ve partnered with EnerBank & GreenSky to provide financing solutions to our customers. EnerBank & GreenSky has helped many of our customers with home improvement loans and offers flexible terms and conditions to suit your needs.