YardGuard – Exterior Pest Control

If Reducing Mosquitoes, Ticks, & Fleas From Your Property
Means Less Health Risks For You And Your Loved Ones…
Why Wouldn’t You Do It?

Pests like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas can sap the fun out of your get-togethers, parties and barbeques, not to mention the escalating instances of West Nile Virus, Chikungunya, Lyme Disease & Babesiosis many of them carry.

And now, with budget cut-backs, local governments may have reduced, even eliminated their mosquito and tick control programs, which makes your pest control challenges even greater…

Random fogging or spraying won’t do much either. In fact, effective reduction requires an inspection, a viable strategy and a proven program. That means identifying mosquito & tick breeding areas, then eliminating them!

Mosquitoes breed in standing water…

Gutters, underground drains, birdbaths, areas prone to puddles, buckets, pots, old tires, children’s play equipment and more – and more – basically anything in which water can collect – is a potential breeding area for mosquitoes.

If these areas are not controlled you put yourself at risk for West Nile Virus and even Chikungunya – a more recent mosquito borne disease that has already hit South Jersey…

If just spraying were that easy!

Did you know general spraying is often non-targeted and ineffective, putting pest products where they shouldn’t be? That’s not in your best interests, is it?

Responsible pest control is a delicate balance of putting the least amount of product, where it most needs to be, at the right time.

It also means employing a proven, systematic program.

Lyme Disease and Babesiosis have been on the rise…

That makes protecting your loved ones more important than ever.

With ticks, you need to know how they’re getting onto your property. We’ve been told Lyme Disease & deer go hand-in-hand. But mice actually carry/host more ticks than deer do!

So, wouldn’t it make sense to concentrate on the mice? What if you could treat them, much like we treat pets (dogs & cats), using treatments harmless to them, but quite effective on ticks?

We’re barraged with ads for tick control based on spraying. But should you use a ‘perimeter defense’ approach with this kind of pest, or power spray everything? Unless you know what to target, it won’t get to the source, and therefore it won’t work. 

Luckily, I have the solution you’ve been longing for…

Stop swatting, stop itching, and stop putting your health at risk!
– YardGuard –
‘Live Outdoors Again’ Ultimate Pest Control Plan’

Check2green  Convenient 12 month billing – it’s more affordable than ever, your payments are spread throughout the year

Check2green  A Free exterior inspection and tailored plan for your unique needs

Check2green  Prevention strategies

Check2green  Immediate mosquito, tick & flea reduction & control

Check2green  Season-long mosquito, tick & flea prevention

Check2green  4-12 seasonal treatment and inspection visits

Check2green  Special event/party treatments

Check2green  Earth friendly for your kids, grandkids, pets & family – Available only from TermiGuard Services, our unique Pest Control Delivery System harnesses the efficiency of routine inspections and precise treatments, as well as the effectiveness of PolyHydra-D (PHD) – a series of      S.M.A.R.T. Polymers technology that keeps pest control products where they belong – on the target zone!

Check2green  All Natural products available upon request

All of which lets us achieve the same control outcomes using 30% less pest control product – with no environmental runoff…and the results have been spectacular!

Just how spectacular?


“Yard Guard allows me to enjoy my garden and yard without personally being mosquito food. I’ve politely bowed out of friends’ request for gatherings at their homes and invited them to mine, where I can enjoy their company without the annoyance of mosquitoes.

YardGuard and Termiguard results in no worries and a fun relaxing summer for myself and my family!”

-Julie Taylor, Medford NJ


“TermiGuard’s YardGuard Program is a welcome solution for my mosquito problems.  Prior to the first application, I was unable to do any yard work on my property without being surrounded by swarms of mosquitoes and being bitten numerous times despite my use of several other repellents.  Since the first application of the YardGuard repellent, the swarms of mosquitoes are gone and I have not gotten a single bite. 

I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a solution to their mosquito problems.”

-Jackie Iacono, Voorhees NJ

With increasing incidents of Lyme Disease, Babesiosis,
Chikungunya and West Nile Virus, NOW is the time to take action
and ease fears with one of the following YardGuard Plans…

arroworange  ‘The Celebration’

  • 2 treatment & inspection visits – targeted to events, BBQ’s, picnics, & birthdays

arroworange  ‘The Residence’

  • 4 treatment & inspection visits

arroworange  ‘The Estate’

  • 8 treatment & inspection visits

arroworange  ‘The Dominion’- Best Value & Most Popular Plan!

  • 12 treatment & inspection visits to cover all life cycles!

There’s something for everyone…

With a number of plans to choose from, I’m positive you’ll find one to help meet your needs to give you the desired results you’ve been looking for.

And as a matter of fact…I’m so confident you will be satisfied with the reduction in mosquitoes, ticks and fleas that I’ll guarantee it. No questions asked….

South Jersey Pest Control ServicesWe know you’ll love it,
but for some added peace-of-mind…

If you are not satisfied with the reduction of mosquitoes,
ticks and fleas in your yard, we will return and re-treat at no additional charge.
And if for any reason, you’re unhappy with our service – We will refund 100% of your money – It’s that simple.

Now, what are you waiting for?!

Protect your loved ones and get back to enjoying your outdoor living space!

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Let’s beat the bite together!