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Why Choose TermiGuard as Your
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So you’ve seen some flying stinging pest near your home, and you’re wondering what to do now. You’ve come to the right place! TermiGuard Services is your local pest control expert that can help ensure you and your family are free of stinging fears from now on.

At TermiGuard, our team of trained professionals is here to help you get rid of wasps or hornets on your property quickly and effectively. We offer free inspections, same-day service in certain areas, and 100% satisfaction guarantee for stinging insect treatments.

As a local, family-owned business rather than a large corporation, we treat all customers like neighbors because we are part of the community too! Our technicians will work collaboratively with you to determine the best solution for your situation so that everyone can continue living safely and peacefully in their neighborhood. Contact us today to see if same-day treatment is available in your area!

For stinging insects, we recommend a Plus Vector plan.

Pest Control Plans


Defense for general pests around perimeter of foundation
Year-round pest protection with 4 scheduled visits
Covers 25+ general pests
*Termite Monitoring Stations included (discounts if termites are found)
Includes 2 exterior rodent bait stations and monitoring
UNLIMITED call-backs


Defense for general pests up to 10′ from the foundation – including stinging pests
Year-round pest protection with 4 scheduled visits
Covers 25+ general pests from TG Basic, plus covers termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees & wood-borer Beetles
Annual Termite Inspection with Free Retreatment Coverage
UNLIMITED call-backs


Defense for general pests up to 20′ from the foundation – including stinging pests
Year-round pest protection with 4 scheduled visits
Covers all pests & features from TG Plus & TG Basic
Reduction of mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas outdoors April – October
UNLIMITED call-backs

Free Stinging Insect Inspection

At Termiguard, we are dedicated to making sure our customers are content and stress-free when it comes to stinging pests. To accomplish this goal, we offer free inspections for all wasp and hornet control services. Through these no-charge assessments, you can get professional advice on how to address your house’s stinging insect infestation, at no risk to you.
Tick Control

Free Stinging Insect Call-Backs

At TermiGuard, we take pest control seriously. With the latest technology in both product material and application methods, we have a relentless mindset to make sure to always do the job correctly and give you the best value, so there won’t be any issues.

We guarantee that if wasps, hornets, or any other pests return to your home, you can call us for free and without limit.

Same-Day Stinging Insect Service

At TermiGuard, we know how important it is to live free of the danger of stinging insects. That’s why in some areas, we offer same-day service so that wasp or hornet issues can be dealt with promptly. With our quick response times, you can rest assured knowing that your problem will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

A Local Stinging Insect Exterminator

Unlike a large national conglomerate, our team members are local and situated right in your neighborhood. This allows us to provide tailored advice and swift service when you call us. We don’t just care about making profits; we are here to help our neighbors with any pest control issues they may be facing. With decades of experience, there is no infestation that we have not encountered before.

‘They were prompt and fixed the issue in an hour’

TermiGuard did a great job! I had a yellow jacket nest at the edge of my property that was dangerously close to the sidewalk. They were prompt and fixed the issue in an hour. I would recommend their business!”

– Leigh Ann S., Haddon Heights

How to Identify a Stinging Insect Problem

If you have seen a stinging insect around your home, you most likely should call in the experts to ensure you don’t have a pest problem, or if you do, to create a plan of action.

You can do some initial investigation yourself by looking for hives, most likely in sheltered places like door frames, sheds, and decks. Wasps also love gutters as a place to nest, so make sure to look around here as well. Wasps look for these protected places in order to shelter their young.

Look for hives by searching for honeycomb-looking structures, relatively small and rounded. If they have gotten inside your home, they probably came through holes or cracks, which an expert will be more equipped to seek out and fill up.

When Should I Call a Stinging Pest Control Expert?

Although there are many stinging pests, the most common flying pests you will deal with are the yellow jacket, wasp and hornet. All of these are actually varieties within the wasp family, Vespoidea, which have been around since the Jurassic era. When they are kept in check and not endangering our homes, wasps do perform essential ecosystem functions, pollinating our plants and keeping other troublesome insects in check.

As opposed to solitary wasps, these colony wasps create a new colony every spring as they fertilize their Queen that has been dormant through the winter, and then she starts to lay eggs. For this reason, they are most active in the summer and early fall, and can be most efficiently dealt with in the Winter before they have established their colony.

Their specific lifecycle can vary. Queens can live up to an entire year, and worker wasps can live between 10 and 25 days.


Hornets are one of the more aggressive varieties. You can identify them with their white faces and the white stripes on the back of their body. They will nest wherever they find another food source of plentiful insects.

Like wasps and yellowjackets, they are territorial over their space, though even more aggressively and proactively.

These insects are extra scary because of this proactive attacking behavior. Like yellow jackets, hornets have even been shown to spray venom into their intruders’ eyes, beyond their typical stinging. Some research has shown that they can even remember the faces of their intruders!


Yellowjackets look similar to bees in their yellow and black stripes and can be identified with their unique zig-zag flying pattern. Yellowjackets, like wasps, also hunt for meat for their young, but they are primarily pollen feeders.

They are calmer in interactions than wasps but also very protective of their hives, ultimately aggressive, and a sting from them hurts just the same if not more. Their hives are typically in the air or in the ground, or in a railroad tie or an old stump. They can get to the size of a basketball or even bigger if they’ve only had to deal with mild winters.


Wasps are aggressive predators at the top of their food chain. As adults, they feed mostly on pollen but will hunt other insects to bring back to their larvae. Wasps are very territorial and will attack in packs, so for the health and safety of your family you need to call in the TermiGuard experts as soon as you spot one near your home.

Other Stinging Insects

These are some of the most common stinging insects you will come across, beyond these are Cicada-Killer Wasps, Ground Wasps, Paper Wasps, and beyond! Again, if you see any of these pests or signs that they are near, call the experts at TermiGuard to keep you and your family safe from their dangers.

‘Respond quickly whenever I need them to’

“They are thorough with the inspections, and respond quickly whenever I need them to deal with some kind of infestation (ants, wasps, etc).”

– Peter K., Cherry Hill

What are the Dangers of Wasps,
Hornets, & Stinging Insects?

When you are facing a wasp or stinging insect, most people’s first reaction is fear. Understandably so! For many people, it brings up a traumatic memory of a painful sting as a child, or the surprise of your first sting even as an adult. Getting over this fear and taking charge of the situation requires some information and calling in the experts.

It is important to understand what pests are terrorizing your home to have a better understanding of how to get free from them. So first things first, let the experts at TermiGuard arm you with knowledge, and then call us in to give you expertise and experience personalized to your pest situation.

Unlike bees, whose sting is also painful, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets can all sting more than once. This obviously increases the risk of pain, and more importantly increases the risk of an allergic reaction if you are at risk.

Beyond the multiple stings from one insect, these stinging insects can also attack as a pack, creating an even greater risk of allergic response, even if you have never been stung before.

‘Took Care of the Yellowjacket Nest’

“Showed up on time, took care of the yellowjacket nest. Thank you guys!”

– Michelle C., Willingboro

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Getting Rid of Stinging Insects

Avoid DIY Removal

You may be tempted to knock down a nest and run or spray a hive when you see it. We would highly discourage this for your and your family’s safety!

The only time handling a hive yourself is during its dormant period in the winter to avoid them re-establishing in the summer or in early April, when the colony is starting to build but has not been established.

With improper treatment, this pest problem can become a persistent and aggressive problem for your family and pets as you try to use your home as you should be able to. The experts will be able to tell you of your specific situation and what is right for your pest problem.

Call Professionals to Avoid an Attack

Professional exterminators are required for this pest infestation because wasps can coordinate an organized attack, not to mention their ability to sting multiple times. If something is detected near the nest, wasps release a pheromone that signals to the hive to attack. Even scarier, wasps can stay upset for days on end if their hive has been disturbed. This puts you and your family at risk in your own home! Professional exterminators are required for this pest infestation because wasps can coordinate an organized attack, not to mention their ability to sting multiple times.

Happy family

A Comprehensive Process

We use an effective and thorough approach to ensure your pest problems are dealt with fully. Our inspectors are trained and equipped with the proper protection. This process starts with an inspection to determine a plan of action, then documentation to explain the inspection findings and then the control plan and any follow-up necessary.

Part of documentation is education so that you, as the homeowner, understand your undesired tenants’ feeding, activity, and habitat.

Painstaking Planning to Put Away Pests

To start our control plan, we will preventively treat areas around your home to minimize the potential hive spots around your home, and especially any obvious holes, cracks, or weak spots that may allow them to enter your home. These are also areas that will require the proper sealing to prevent future invasion. This is a priority so your family is safe while our pest extermination process proceeds.

Another part of this process is sanitizing and cleaning up any areas that might have attracted the stinging insects to your home in the first place.

Once all of this preparatory work is complete, we will determine what stinging insect control methods will work best for your particular infestation. In our arsenal, we have traps, insecticidal controls, and physical removals. We will use all of the tools at our disposal to fully remove hives and any traces of hives so they do not come back.

Preventing Stinging Insects

Careful Prevention Methods

If you have already identified an infestation, you will need to call in the experts to ensure proper removal. But you may be curious why there are stinging insects in the first place and how you can avoid them in the future.

Anyone whose picnic has been ruined by a coordinated wasp attack can attest- wasps and yellow jackets like sugar! At your picnic, they were probably attracted to the sugary drinks or sodas. Obviously, don’t leave these substances outside of your home frequently, but more likely, they have been called to your home because they were attracted to food or drink debris, or flowers planted close to your home, or for ground-nesting wasps attracted to dry, loose dirt that they can burrow in.

Avoid leaving food or drinks out near the home or planting flowers that will attract stinging insects too close to the home.

Calling in the Experts

TermiGuard is committed to the safety and satisfaction of you and your family. We offer free inspections so you can be sure of what problem you are dealing with before you get started. We also offer free call-backs and even same-day service in selected areas!

Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed- we are a family-owned company local to your area. We care about you and your safety, and so we will get this job done right. An ounce of prevention, with a stinging expert exterminator, is worth more than a pound of cure. Contact us today to learn how we can rid your home of its stinging insects!